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Free Computer/Web Applications and Services

Updated on July 2, 2011

Why Pay? No Way, Not a Penny

There are many free computer programs and Internet applications and services out there. You may not know about it because it is difficult to find due to the fact that you can get millions of hits on what you are searching for.

This hub will make it easy for you. I've done the discovery work, and all you have to do is read on!


This hub will cover the following:

  • Free to use
  • Free video conferencing
  • Free Web Hosting and Email
  • Webcasting
  • Free Fax
  • Networking online for Free

Free to Use

Some of the best software or Internet applications I regularly use are "FREE". And that's the way I like it; free is always good.

There are three categories of free software, application, or service out there: 1) free software, 2) free Internet service, and 3) free Internet application. I will provide links and other resources which you can use to make your digital life a little fiscally easier.

Free Video Conferencing

There is an free video conferencing out there from With a microphone and a web cam, you can video conference with 6 other people for free! Check it out.

This link tells you how to do it:

Free Web Hosting

Did you know you can get a free web hosting and email service through The only thing is that, unless you already own your own domain, you'll have to use a subdomain, with the primary domain being something else.

All you need to do is register at that site and you will get the bare minimum web hosting service which provides MySQL and FTP services. This is sufficient to setup a custom Wordpress blog.

Did I say that their service is free of ads? Yes! they don't have ads cluttering up your web site, unlike other free web hosting service.

So check 000webhost out. This is my referral link; might as well get credit for it. This is exactly what you'll get:

  • 250 MB of storage
  • Data transfer: 100 GB/month
  • PHP & MySQL
  • No ads or banners

If you sign up, THANKS!

Free Webcasting

Become a star of your own TV show. Check out

There you will find a free service for webcasting. So if you've ever had that desire to have your own live TV show, now is your chance!

Here's the interesting thing. Aside from being able to use this from your computer's web cam, you can use your camera-enabled smart phone to broadcast live. Now you can report on anything "on location". Isn't that awesome?

Free Fax

Get an eFax for free!

If for some reason you still need some kind of FAX capability, you can get it free at Provided you don't use it too many times per month, the service is free. Note that the number you get may have an area code outside your area, but who cares, the service is free. Nothing beats free, every time!

You won't need a physical fax machine for this one as you will receive any FAX on your computer via e-mail. So at eFax, you not only get a free fax, you also save trees.

Know any other free apps, services, etc.? Share below.

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