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Free Games: A Serious Farm Game, No More Useless Clicking As Done In Farmville

Updated on October 16, 2012

Personally, I am a true hater of Farmville; I know most of you will disagree with my position, judging by the fact that Famrville has been played by many millions of people from all around the world. I have played it too; I never discuss on something that I do not have real experience from.
So, let's see - if you are a dedicated Farmville player, your day is more like:
Wake up early to manage to harvest last night's gatherables and plant new ones before going to work. (yes, click on empty squares many times).
At work, don't forget to visit other farms and do minor chores for bonuses and contests.
At home again, harvest plow and replant... check your money balance. (WOW I am a millionaire why do I still need to be a farmer!).
Next days: Repeat.

Sorry if I seem ironic, but this game is really annoying and unrealistic. Do plants get planted and harvested in 2 hours? Where is strategy in this game, where the only things you do is choose what you are planting to fit better in your daily schedule.

Enough with complaints, though. Because, years ago, I find a way better farm game. Give it a look and you will see what you have been missing.

My farm after 2 years of playing. Not a millionaire, yet!
My farm after 2 years of playing. Not a millionaire, yet!

Free Farm Game is, as its name shows, another farm game. The comparison with FarmVille and relative Facebook games will show only big differences, however.
In FFG you are running a farm which has only 3 or 4 plots at beginning. You work hard, spending 1000 energy per day and choosing what you will plant. If you choose tomatoes, expect to water them everyday, for many days. There are no magic seeds here which are ready to harvest in few hours. It can take many real time days, maybe 20-30 or even more, to get a yield from your farm. But this is the strategic part of the game; you want to plant a tree and get its crops once per 2 real time months but forever without replanting it, or you want to choose a vegetables bush which will give one yield and then will need to be replanted?
Your choices will affect your farm, your level and your wealth. Expect this game to have a rather slow progression, but isn't it true that a farm needs time to provide money to you?

As your farm starts producing more profit for you, you can take some more decisions.
Buy more plots of land, which will give you the opportunity to plant more or choose to raise some animals; you can choose among chicken, rabbits, horses, cows, pigs and more, each animal offering products such as milk, fur and its meat.
Create workshops in which you can further edit your farm products; use that cow milk to make varieties of cheese in a Dairy Workshop, or use the latest animals you butchered as meat ingredient in recipes in Kitchen or Meat Workshop. Products of kitchen will be cooked food which you can eat to gain more energy for more everyday actions, such as gathering, fishing, cleaning.

Use your money to buy better tools which will make you spend less energy on works.
You can participate in missions, where you are promising to provide what other fictional farmers want; say Mrs Smith needs 20 eggs in 2 weeks, you promise to provide them. When you do, you gain money and Fame, which is used when you want to get a new higher farmer level.
Higher Farmer levels, such as Veteran, provide the opportunity to hire workers for your farm, thus having more energy than 1000. More workers means more works done and more profit from your farm. Use your own avatar to work on everyday farm chores, while the workers are fishing or hunting. Every thing you get from your farm can be sold at market.

Last but not least, to those who like the Social aspects of an online internet game, FFG offers cooperations. You can think of it as "Farm Alliance" which you can form with people you know. Players in a Coop can exchange items and help each other at mission completions. Additionally, participating in weekly or annual contests can earn the player advanced bonuses and even more money; participate in cow milk production contest, and if your cows produce more cow milk than the competitor's you can gain money.

All in all, in FFG things are realistic and the strategy elements are strong; you take your own decisions, following your own route. Can you become a farmer of higher level, or you are bound to be an amateur?

Please feel free to give your comments on the game, or disagree with my view on Farmville.

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