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Get Help For Your Cell - Top Forums and Websites

Updated on April 2, 2011

How the Hell Do I Make It Work!

We have all been there.

All of us.

You are not alone. 

You bought a new cell phone with cool new features you know nothing about or are experiencing difficulty with your current mobile phone.

Maybe you just want to know how to get free ringtones, apps, or how to set a particular setting. Maybe you need to know how to put the battery in the darn device (I have!). 

An easy and quick way to solve all your mobile device queries is to look no further than the Internet's most successful mobile device and cell phone forums. 

So "buck up", "take a deep breath", and "chill" because its all going to "be ok". Read on!

Why Forums?

In most cases, you will get quick responses to your questions and comments from peers or experts who have "been there". 

Forums also allow you to practice your knowledge by giving back to the forum through responding to other "greener" people than you. Over time, you will become a bit of an expert and a teacher. You really know your stuff when you can put the issue in to really simple terms.

Forums are also usually free! In most cases, you will be required to sign up for an account to let the forum know that you are "legit", and an account also lets the forum moderators maintain quality by rewarding those who contribute to the forum the best [in both questions and answers] and by clamping down on those members who are just in the forum to troll around and spam the joint. 

It is completely empowering to be able to ask and answer in a supportive environment. I will note, however, that sometimes forum arguments or tiffs break out. Just ignore them and move on with your life. Do not get caught up in the petty power struggles. Remember, you are there to get help and to give help on a specific device or genre of devices. Focus Focus Focus!

My Top 2 Forum Favs

Howard Forums

  • Very active community
  • Tremendous help for Rumor Touch users [Relevant to my readers]
  • Device specific forums so that the help you get is focused and relevant
  • Lots of help on Android phones like the Samsung Intercept or the LG Optimus V [relevant to my readers]
  • Covers most "wireless ground" in terms of topics - You can look at specific carriers, news, reviews, etc.
  • Its free!
  • It has a fabulous mobile version of their website that works great on any phone with a web browser.
  • Many questions you may have on whatever device have often already been answered and is just waiting for you in the archives. Searching for them is easy.

Cell Phone Forums

  • Very active community
  • Strong review segment
  • Its Free!

A Few Other Helpful Websites [non-forum]

The advantage of websites over forums is that there is immediate information to solve the problem available in a super organized way. You often will not have to search nearly as much and wade through posts and relplies to locate the answer to your questions. Websites are usually a good place to start your search for an answer.

For general issues, I recommend:

1. Phone Scoop

  • Want to know something about a phone or about a wireless service? This is your location.

2. Hubpages (seriously!)

  • Nearly 3,000 hubs are just waiting @ Hubpages to help solve those mobile device problems.

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Share your Favorite Forums and Websites for Cell Phone Help!

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    • triosol profile image

      triosol 7 years ago

      Great Hub. Voted Up. also twitted to my followers :)

    • Peggy W profile image

      Peggy Woods 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Great idea!!! Talking to customer service people can be very frustrating sometimes. Forums may provide a quicker answer to one's questions.