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How to Contact VerizonWireless about your Verizon Wireless Service- Phone Numbers, Addresses, and Forums

Updated on January 3, 2012

VerizonWireless is a cell phone company; one of the biggest in the world.

If you own a cell phone, you probably have had some experience with VerizonWireless.

You may have had experience with Verizon service from landlines, internet, tv, and so on.

The most annoying thing about cell phone companies (and perhaps just companies in general) is figuring out how to contact them when we need help with a product or service.

If we call, we may be on the phone for an hour being transferred to one "specialist" to another.

This hub will explore how to best contact VerizonWireless about your Verizon phone or your Verizon service without getting too frustrated in the process.

This should be a "one stop shop" for your Verizon contact needs.

VerizonWireless Phone Numbers

Customer Service
Dial *611 from your cell phone
(800) 922-0204
Monday-Sunday 6am-11pm

Emergency Service Hours
Monday-Sunday 11pm-6am

Customer Service - Prepaid
Dial *611 from your cell phone
(888) 294-6804
24 hours a day, 7 days a wee

Consumer: (800) 256-4646
Business: (800) 899-4249

VerizonWireless Email

If you do not need immediate assistance, email is the best way to contact phone companies. 

This leaves time for the company to make sure their answer is right, and you do not have to wait on hold or be passes around from specialist to specialist on your "time dime". 

To email VerizonWireless, follow the link below to their email form.

EMAIL VerizonWireless

Snail Mail????

Why you would want to use "snail mail", I do not know, but the addresses to VerizonWireless' main departments are below:

Mailing Address

Verizon Wireless
Customer Service Department
Post Office Box 96082
Bellevue, WA 98009-9682

Payment Address

Verizon Wireless
PO Box 660108
Dallas, TX 75266-0108

Website Issues

Verizon Wireless Internet Operations
1120 Sanctuary Parkway
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Customer Service - Prepaid

Verizon Wireless
ATTN: Prepaid Customer Service
PO Box 1037
Folsom, CA 95763-1037

Bankruptcy Administration

Verizon Wireless Bankruptcy Administration
PO Box 3397
Bloomington, IL 61702
Phone: (800) 555-8879
Fax: (309) 820-7044

Use Verizon Community Contributors

A common way to get support from phone companies like VerizonWireless is to participate in their user community forums.

These forums are not staffed by Verizon service employees, but the critical mass of users may mean a faster response to basic questions than through email or a phone call to customer service.

The list of Verizon service forums are the following:


  • Verizon Wireless Community
  • Welcome to the Verizon Wireless Community
  • Community Announcements
  • Terms of Service and User Guidelines
  • New Verizon Wireless Community FAQs
  • Best of the Best
  • Learn - Community Blogs
  • Wireless New Product & Services Blog
  • DROID Apps
  • DROID X by Motorola
  • DROID Incredible by HTC
  • DROID 2 by Motorola
  • Samsung Fascinate
  • DROID by Motorola
  • General Android Questions
  • Other Android Devices
  • 4G Network
  • 4G Discussion
  • 4G Success Stories
  • Tablets
  • iPad
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • Mobile Devices
  • BlackBerry Devices
  • PDA & Smartphone Devices
  • Palm Devices
  • KIN
  • Broadband, Netbook & MiFi Devices
  • Cell Phone - General Devices Questions
  • Promotions
  • My Verizon
  • Upgrade and Activation
  • Payments
  • Calling Plan Change
  • Billing and Usage
  • Media Store
  • Signing In and Registration
  • Other
  • Wireless Plans & Features
  • Wireless Frequently Asked Questions
  • Voice and Broadband Calling Plans
  • Messaging (Text, Picture, IM, etc.)
  • Prepaid Plans
  • Former Alltel Customer Assistance
  • Wireless Feature Questions - Other -
  • Other Products and Services
  • Suggestions for this Community
  • My Business Account



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