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FreedomVoice Review, Advantages, Limitations, and Features

Updated on February 1, 2015

What is FreedomVoice?

FreedomVoice, a hosted PBX provider, has been around since 1996. Needless to say, it is one of the pioneers of the toll free service industry. Some may already be familiar with the term “Hosted PBX” or “Toll Free Service” but for those who are not, a great resource would be the site Toll Free Service Review. The site provides detailed explanation about the benefits of having a virtual PBX system and offer reviews different virtual PBX providers.

As mentioned, FreedomVoice has been around since 1996 and has been a pioneer of the toll free service industry. Does this mean that it is a wise choice to provide hosted PBX services for my business? To put it simply, the provider has its own Pros and Cons. Like any wise consumer, it is important to know the services offered of a virtual PBX provider before subscribing. Do I really need all the features of FreedomVoice, is it within the budget’s reach, are there any alternatives, etc…

Most features of FreedomVoice has already been explained and posted on Toll Free Service Review so here, we’ll just rummage about some of the pros, benefit, advantages, limitations, problems, cons of FreedomVoice hosted PBX.

Advantages Pros Benefits of FreedomVoice

As researched, listed below are some of the advantages when opting for FreedomVoice:

  • Call Screening. Needless to say, this feature allows the user to screen calls. This is ideal for an organization especially if the organization is pestered by an annoying caller.
  • Call Clarity. What could be better than a clear communication to and from the customers. Not only does it project that the business is stable but would ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Limitless storage for messages
  • Offers industry standard package of a hosted PBX provider. (To know the standard offers of a hosted PBX provider visit

FreedomVoice cons, limitations, or disadvantages

  • Expensive. The offers of FreedomVoice are seemingly more expensive compared to other virtual PBX providers.
  • Contracts are apparently on a monthly basis and the option to cancel is quite impossible.

FreedomVoice Conclusion

Based on numerous user opinions, FreedomVoice is a solid virtual PBX provider but is quite pricey. It would be advisable to look or study the plans offered by FreedomVoice before signing up to their service.


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