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Reliable Hosted PBX CoreDial reviews, advice, and services

Updated on February 1, 2015

Communication is a vital part of everyday life. It maintains order and an unwritten agreement between two parties.

Needless to say, both internal and external communications in any type of organization are highly important. Internal communication between employees are essential as well as external communications to customers.

Aside from the importance of having a reliable communication system pointed above, it also gives out a sense of professional impression to the company.

Importance of a PBX system

Most large and established companies uses an on-site PBX system to manage their communication needs. On-site PBX systems are expensive in terms of procurement, installation, and maintenance. If you’re business is an SME (small and medium enterprise), would you consider employing a PBX system knowing the high cost associated with it? Is a PBX system right for your organizational needs? The answer is YES and YES.

Due to advancement in VoIP technology, SMEs may now enjoy the PBX features without purchasing nor installing a PBX system. And as for the second YES, any business, be it small, medium, or large, needs a reliable communication system.

Traditional PBX vs VoIP or hosted PBX

Various hosted PBX providers are able to offer PBX functionalities without the actual PBX hardware. One such provider is CoreDial (

Actually, CoreDial does not directly involved with the end-users. Instead, it provides hosted PBX solutions and VoIP services to Interconnects, Carriers, and Managed Service Providers - which in turn meets the communication demands / requirements of the end-users.

Upon visiting the website, it can be seen that CoreDial is seemingly partnered with popular names in the telecommunications industry such as Verizon, Aastra, Edgewater, Networks Inc., etc...

Some of the services offered by CoreDial

CoreDial's communication platform is VoiceAxis. With this platform, the company is able to provide such service as SIP Trunking, Virtual Office, Hosted PBX, and VoIP. Aside from SIP Trunking, all the other services are common or industry standard features.

Apparently, SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) has been the widely accepted signaling standard VoIP’s real-time communications. Real-time communications is a live form of information exchange. When there is no waiting time for the receiver to receive the information from the sender, that is real-time communications. Chtting, phone conversation, video conferencing are examples of RTC. Going back, SIP is an open system. It enables CoreDial subscribers to perfectly connect their CPEs (customer premise equipment) with the provider’s carrier class voice network. SIP trunk is a virtual phone line utilizing broadband connection for access and thus cheaper compared to traditional phone lines.

CoreDial also offers Enterprise VoIP Solutions, Enterprise Pooled SIP Trunking, Hosted PBX Server Cluster, and Installed Softswitch Solutions for larger companies that handles huge volume of traffic.

Lastly, CoreDial supports both hosted and premise-installed PBX functionalities.


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