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Fujitsu's New Design for the Netbook and Tablet, The Flexbook

Updated on September 14, 2016

The Flexbook, a New Twist To Netbooks and Tablets

If you are constantly trying to keep up with the fast pace of changing technology, join the crowd. New ideas and concepts are being made almost daily. The iPad was one that took the world by storm, and changed the way we view media and technology. If you like new ideas, then you will just love the new design that is coming out from Fujitsu. The company had a design contest and the winner was to come up with a new type of netbook or tablet that was innovative and new. The one that won, was all that, and came with a twist, literally. The winning design was named, The Flexbook. It was invented by designer Hao-Chun Huang, from Taiwan.

The idea that Huang came up with was a new one. It was a foldable netbook, that is also to be used as a tablet as well. The keyboard and screen can be folded in half and make the Flexbook half its size, and can even fit in your pocket or purse! It is not only pliable, but waterproof as well! The incredible folding screen is 11 inches wide, and the keyboard detaches with ease, making it a nice size foldable tablet. The idea of the Flexbook was to make it as portable as possibile, and therefore the whole thing can be folded and unfolded when needed.

It has a touch pad mouse, and I am assuming the screen may be touch screen as well, since it converts into the tablet. The keyboard detaches making it a great eBook reader or tablet. The Flexbook also will have a variety of swappable rubber skins, and can be customedized any way you like! The skins will come in a variety of colors and textures for your choosing. The design is so new, that there are not any manufacturers yet for the internal hardware and software. It will be interesting to see what will be in side one of these new foldable machines. There is also no release date yet. It will be a while before we see this sold at the nearest Bestbuy, but I love that there are new inventive designs pushing the envelope of what we expect and know about computers and tablets. The Flexbook hopefully will create a whole new line of products, similar to what the iPad did for tablets.


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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Gorgeous. Thanks for showing it.

    • OddDustin profile image

      OddDustin 6 years ago from Rancho Cucamonga, CA

      This is very nice. It's the next wave of Transformer technology. I'm going to call mine Optimus Prime. It can do battle with my iPhone for my attention.

    • kksonakiya profile image

      Krishnakant Sonakiya 6 years ago from Gwalior

      Flexibook sounds amazing but does it pack features and power that are currently taking over Pads and tablets market? I hardly doubt that. In the end, portability takes the dip and features rule.I just hope that Fujitsu doesn't compromise features over portability.