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Funniest Youtube Videos of All Time

Updated on January 28, 2013

Hilarious Youtube Videos

Here I have created a list of Youtube's funniest videos. I realize that opinions may vary between individuals. So I have decided to go the extra distance as to categorize the videos.

Funny Babies

As we all know children do and say funny things. It is no wonder why the internet is filled with movie clips of kids. The ones that are currently listed are in my opinion the funniest, yet, I am always in search for the next best thing.

Baby Emerson

Mommy's Nose is Scary!

This is one of my personal favorites as it is cute and funny. All too often you come across kids being cute, yet, in my opinion people confuse it with funny. When I first saw this video I got a good chuckle and watched it a few more times. You cannot beat his facial expressions, yet, I am a huge fan of the flailing arms. 0:47 is the best part. This video has been viewed 41,640,557 times which might have included you.

Charlie Bit me!

Charlie Bit My Finger

This video I believe to be the most popular baby video on youtube. These kids are practically famous and no one will believe them 13 years from now when they say I was Charlie. The video has a staggering 498,228,948 views and is a commonly listed "Funny baby clip".

Music Videos

Right now I currently have two that are appropriate enough to display. Unfortunately, some other ones may be considered inappropriate and will need to remain unsaid.

Music Spoof (Shakira; She Wolf)

This next video is not humorous in anyway, in fact, it is anything but. Yet, to understand the humor of the "spoof" music video (posted under the original) you must see the original first.

She Wolf; Shakira

He Wolf

He Wolf

I would have to say this is one of the funniest things on the internet. I also enjoy how different things look when a man performs the same actions of a woman. It truly is hilarious; I have to give this guy credit for having done this. I for one wouldn't be caught dead performing this, let alone posting it on the internet. Past the humor of it all, they really put a lot of hard work into making sure everything was just right.

Robyn; Call Your Girlfriend

Call Your Girlfriend

Now, I know what you may be thinking. You are thinking that this is a spoof of an original video and I have forgotten to post the original. Sadly, that is not the case as the original is hilarious in its true form. I am not one for fashion, but, her attire as well as her hair cut just reminds me of everything from the 80's. Let us not forget about those stellar dance moves and cheesy lyrics. I'll give her this though, it is catchy.

Video Games

I love video games with a passion and always found that utilizing them can make joke so much more enjoyable; one example of this is Dane Cooks car accident skit as well as Red Vs. Blue, both in which use Halo's Master Chief as a prop. I do forewarn viewers that the following two videos do have some language in them and that viewer discretion is advised.

Dane Cook; Car Accident

Dane Cook; Car Accident

In my opinion Dane Cook is a great comedian, one of my favorites. Without the use of Halo it is still a hilarious skit, but, I enjoy seeing the characters I've come to know play out the role. It is this reason why I keep a pen in my truck. If you have been in this situation you'll get a good laugh out of it, even if you hate video games.

Red Vs Blue

Red Vs Blue

This video gave me a good laugh when I was in high school, but, after serving in the military I fully understand the thoughts that are going through their heads. Even though it is a video game portraying these events, it truly does symbolize the conversations and complete boredom you can feel on a deployment.

Leeroy Jenkins

Leeroy Jenkins

I believe that the game is World of War Craft which is a MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online Game). I had a good friend back in high school that would play this game constantly and I had always ridiculed him for going on "Raids". This video is of a failed raid to take down a "boss". Since then I had taken to playing Dota (Defense Of The Ancients) which holds a similar playing style when it comes to organization. You really do have to work as a team in perfect sync to take down some of these bosses (or other players). The humor is blatantly obvious and truly warms my heart as there is always "one" in every team.


Many cartoons online have been rendered to be funny. Several are annoying, but, it is funny to see our favorite cartoons growing up being manipulated in other ways. Keep in mind that some of these videos may contain adult language and that viewer discretion is advised.

GI Joe

GI Joe

This is a collection of GI Joes. Frankly, some of these are straight dumb. But, there are a couple funny ones. I'm not going to critique every mini clip which is why I am keeping this so short.

Candy Mountain

Charlie- Candy Mountain

This video has been around forever and has been seen by thousands of people. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of it as I find it annoying. But, the ending is priceless and it intrigues me to how similar the voices sound to that of South Park.

Social Media

With the introduction of technology came social media websites. Many of us have created accounts on Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. The following video's make fun of the features and people that utilize such things.

Myspace Movie

Myspace Movie

Despite what I call "The fall of Myspace" many of us at one point had created an account. Several have been able to see their friends or themselves going through these scenarios. This is also one of my favorite videos online... "Her name is Yee-Tah, its Eastern European".


Animals do some funny things; I suppose that is why they had created a show of them. All though I don't find animals "Funny" I do find how humans interpret and manipulate them in their own way.

Cats are Smarter than Dogs

Cats are Better than Dogs

I found this video when trying to prove to my father that cats are smarter than dogs. I think the video does a good job of that. Other than that I love how they were able to portray animals in real life scenarios.


These are some of my favorite videos that you can find online, I will contribute more as I come across new ones. I hope you all enjoyed!


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