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Futura Computer Desk Versatile and Functional for Lap or Desktop

Updated on March 11, 2011
The Futura Computer Desk used as a Lap Desk
The Futura Computer Desk used as a Lap Desk
The Futura Computer Desk without the Mouzepad
The Futura Computer Desk without the Mouzepad
The Futura Computer Desk has 5 settings
The Futura Computer Desk has 5 settings
The Futura Computer Desk holds a gaming keyboard - with the Mouzepad
The Futura Computer Desk holds a gaming keyboard - with the Mouzepad
The Futura Computer Desk with the Mouzepad
The Futura Computer Desk with the Mouzepad

The Futura Computer Desk is unique. It is a laptop desk that functions on your lap as well as on your desktop. The design is durable, ergonomic and lightweight. Large enough to accommodate even the larger laptops yet compact enough to fit into a computer bag.

How is the Futura Computer Desk Different?

The Futura Computer Desk folds in half. This single feature makes this lap desk one of the most versatile ones I have seen. When opened up it is large enough to hold a large laptop. A small laptop or netbook would fit with extra workspace let over.

If you need a more spacious surface there are optional mouse pads – called Mouzpads – that simply click onto the ends of the Futura Computer Desk. There is a Max Mouzpad and there is a smaller one as well to choose from.

You could configure the Futura Computer Desk with two smaller mouzpads or with one smaller and one Max Mouzpad. The right choice for you would depend on how much surface space is needed. An extra 9 inch x 11 inch surface can be gained with the Max Mouzepad.

Vents are made into the design so heat from a laptop is dissipated before it has a chance to overheat your lap. The width of the Futura Computer Desk is also a feature that keeps your lap cooler. Have you noticed that most computer desks require that you sit in a rather tight position? Even ladies have to relax sometimes. What is better than kicking back into your favorite recliner and surfing the web? There is no need to keep your knees together here.

Gamers Love the Futura Computer Desk for Gamers

Gaming on a large screen television adds a new dimension to most games. The action is as large as life. The Futura Computer Desk for Gamers is large enough for a laptop or a gamer’s keyboard. There is enough room for a gaming mouse with the extra Max Mouzepad.

How to Use the Futura Computer Desk on the Desktop

This weekend I sprang my back. It is painful to sit at my desk. I have to sit close enough to my desk to see the keys of my laptop. Reaching forward to type on the keyboard is putting a strain on my lower back. I have to sit up straight to make my back feel as good as possible which means I am sitting on the front half of my chair with a pillow propped behind my lower spine.

If I had a Futura Computer Desk I could prop my laptop up at an angle. It would sit on my desktop and function as a laptop stand. Surely I could find one of the five available settings that would work for me. I could sit further back in my chair and I would not be leaning forward as much as I am right now.

You might be thinking that if my laptop were sitting on the angled surface of the Futura Computer Desk that it would slip forward. Slipping is not a problem because there are rubber pads on its top. There are also rubber pads on the underneath side that help it not to slip on your lap.



Is the Futura Computer Desk something that will be used a lot?

As much as I love techie gadgets I have to stay aware of the space they take up. How many gadgets have gotten buried in your home office because they were too bulky or they just did not work in your available space? It may be too much trouble to get them out and too much trouble to put them away.

A lap desk can require a lot of space. and it may sit there most of the time. Why? Because they turn out to be more of a hassle to use than they are worth. Although pillow backed lap desks are cozy and comfortable they take up space when not in use.

The Futura Computer Desk is compact enough that it requires little space to store. It can be stored in a laptop bag, on a shelf or even leaned against the wall. They travel well and can be used in a portable situation such as in a college lecture or in the park.

Leave it on the desk as a book stand for studying. It would work on a kitchen countertop or a sofa table just as well.

You may have to search for it when you need it. The Futura Computer Desk would be great for holding a cookbook while trying out a new recipe.

I just thought of another use. Often I use two laptops at once. One laptop is used to write and the other laptop is used for research. Sitting the research laptop at an angle would make it easier to see.

You can see that the Futura Computer Desk is very versatile.


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    • climberjames profile image

      climberjames 8 years ago from Steel City

      very cool! - james

    • Albertttt profile image

      Albertttt 8 years ago

      Cool item indeed.

    • Jerilee Wei profile image

      Jerilee Wei 8 years ago from United States

      I'm going to have to get my daughter one of these, thanks for all the info.