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GPS: RoamEO Creates a GPS Fence and Tracks Pets

Updated on March 15, 2011

RoamEO GPS Tracks up to 3 Pets at once

We all want to keep our pets clean, happy and safe. Some dogs live in the house and only interact with the outside world at the end of a leash. Others have the run and freedom of their own backyards. Then there are others that are not fenced in and are allowed to roam on the family homestead and beyond.

Then there are the dog parks. All sizes and breeds of dogs are taken there by their humans to romp and play under the guise of exercise. They sniff, growl and chase each other without restraint.

What could possibly go wrong? Like most accidents there are signs that there is a chance for disaster but we do not want to think about it. A dog is a dog (whether they know it or not). They are easily distracted and the time will come when they ignore you and go off with one of their canine friends. Once out of sight it is difficult to know what direction they are headed in – I guarantee that there is no rhyme or reason to their wanderings.

By now you probably know that I am about to talk about GPS. Personally I think that GPS tracking is a great option for protecting pets from getting lost. However, the cost of continued monitoring is expensive and can be more than most pet owners can afford.

That was before the RoamEO GPS Pet Location System. It consists of just a dog collar with a GPS receiver on it and a handheld tracking unit with an easy to read 3.5” color LCD screen. Extra collars can be purchased and the tracking unit can track three collars at a time for up to 1 mile. A single charge of the batteries can last up to 10 hours.

The RoamEO can also be setup to provide an invisible fence. Set the boundaries using the RoamEO receiver and tracking unit and it will beep at you each time your pet goes outside of the set boundaries. Real-time response is made easy by the real-time tracking of the RoamEO.

No third party monitoring is necessary. That means no third party charges either. You do not have to depend on an outside source to track and locate your pet. You have all you need – a dog collar equipped with a GOS receiver and a small PDA size device that you can hold in the palm of your hand to track it.


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    • SoManyPaths profile image

      SoManyPaths 8 years ago from West Coast USA

      excellent gadgets. wish I had that like 15 years ago for good ol' barney and tasha (dogs)