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Gadgets: Charging Stations and Valets Organize Electronic Gadgets

Updated on September 30, 2015

Charging valets – also called charging stations fill a need that we all have. Cell phones, digital cameras, Bluetooth headsets and PDAs are often plugged into outlets throughout the house. That is the best way to forget them as you leave the house. A typical charging valet looks like a box that sits on a dresser designed to hold spare change, keys and a wallet. The updated version of these boxes look much the same except now they have several open compartments that provide a resting place of our gadgets while their ugly charging cords hide underneath. Some have drawers while some do not.

The traditional looks of these boxes do not blend in with a lot of households. They are functional at keeping our gadgets charged up and ready to go - but they are not much fun and do not add the punch of color that a Grass Charging Valet on the other hand adds a pop of color. Have you worried that your cell phone may vibrate off your desk if you do not get to it in time when a call comes through? Well, a patch of grass would eliminate that worry. Sounds great to me as long as it does not need to be mowed on a regular basis.

Instead of a traditional (and a bit stuffy) box, the Grass Charging Valet is an oblong patch of faux grass set into a black plastic container measuring 11”x7” x4.5”. It is large enough to hide the unsightly chargers for several electronic gadgets – yet small enough to fit into tight areas.

If you prefer a smaller solution to your gadget charging needs there is the 2 Pod Charging Station. There is space for two electronic gadgets and the cords are hidden in the back. There is a slot included to hold mail or other small items. Bamboo or faux leather should fit in with most décor.

Home décor often takes on the colors, textures and beauty of the outdoors. We paint our walls green, brown, yellow and blue to remind us of the lawn, the trees, the sunshine and the sky. We love large windows that let in the natural light and we love the scenic view from those windows. Patios are often designed to be an outside extension to the favorite rooms in the house – the kitchen, the great room and even the bedroom.

One room in the house that seldom enjoys those indoor-outdoor features is the home office. Glass, metal and plastic is usually the most common surfaces found there. Even carpet is banished to make way for hardwood floors. My home office has bare concrete fllors. I guess that is kind-of like outdoors. It matches the driveway, the sidewalk and the porch. Well, I like it.

It may be said by some that a home office like mine might be a bit sterile. Glass desk, metal shelves, 42-inch flat screen television, desktop computer and laptop. The walls are colorful (Ralph Lauren River Rock Maroon) but that is about it. Sure, I like color as much as anyone even though I do not use much of it.

Function is higher on my list of priorities than a lot of color. Of course, function does not have to be boring. My gadgets are plugged into surge protectors in three different locations in my office. I am ready to remedy that with a charging valet. The choice is not easy - probably because I am not very traditional. I like contemporary furnishing so I would like something other than the typical charging valet.


For those of us that are space challenged there is a charging station that is functional – yet takes up a small amount of space. An Outlet Valet such as the one made my Westinghouse plugs into a regular home outlet. The top opens up to provide space for three gadgets to park while charging. There is one grounded outlet spaced where a charging block (transformer) will fit and there are two USB ports.

Regardless of the style you prefer or the space that you have available, there is a charging solution that will organize your gadget charging needs. Think of the time you will save when you no longer have to run around the house hunting your cell phone – not to mention time wasted when returning home to retrieve it.


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