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Digital Message Center - More than a Digital Picture Frame

Updated on July 10, 2014


Family members coming and going all through the day can easily miss messages left for them. Supper can suffer if that bag of potatoes doesn’t make it in time.

Can Anyone Do Without Sticky Notes?

Sticky notes have become a main stay for getting messages from one another. They are small, colorful and will stick just about anywhere. Stick them high for dad and low for little Jimmy. Stick them on the fridge and they are sure to be seen.

I am not sure that anything can out do the sticky note but I do like just about anything digital and now there are some really great digital message centers. You get a digital picture frame, a dry erase board, a magnetic board and a voice recorder all in one compact unit. A step up from the ordinary is the digital message center with a video option. Most have internal memory that can be accessed via USB connection as well as the capability of using various memory cards.

Audiovox Electroncis Homebase DPF711K Digital Message/Video Center/ Digital Picture Frame
Audiovox Electroncis Homebase DPF711K Digital Message/Video Center/ Digital Picture Frame

The One Time Cost Covers Many Bases

These little gadgets do not come cheap. Expect to pay at least $75 on the low end and $150 or more for the high-end features such as the video feature. At first I wondered about the cost but if you have checked the price of a digital picture frame you will have a better understanding.

Digital Message Centers are More Functional than a Sticky Note

Message space is adequate but it will not hold as many sticky notes as the refrigerator door. Instead messages can be left as a digital voice message. A push of the button will play the messages. A digital calendar notes upcoming events.

If you have children coming home alone it would be great for them to see your face and to hear you voice telling them hello and how much you miss them. It gives you an opportunity to remind them of chores and homework as well.

I see a digital message center as a PDA that hangs on the wall. It provides a place for the entire family to meet in a virtual moment and to stay in touch while being separated by daily events. You should no longer hear – “I did not get the message”.


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