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Galaxy Tab Venture Case and Stand

Updated on March 15, 2011

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a 7 inch Android Tablet. You can surf the Internet, send and receive email, watch movies, listen to music and play games among the many other fun things you may want to do. You can stay at home or you can travel wherever you want to. Down the street to the nearest coffee or sandwich shop or across the country. Whever in the world you are now or wherever you in the world you travel to in the future, a protective case for your Galaxy Tab is an important travel companion.

The Galaxy Tab Venture Case is designed specifically for the Galaxy Tab Tablet. The fit is perfect and access to all features is allowed for.

Case-Mate Galaxy Tab Venture Case


Often we buy a case to protect our tablets from bumps and to make it more convienient to use in different configurations. What we need to think about is that any tablet case is only as good as its weakest spot. Some cases simply fold closed – much like a book cover. Some have magnets and others have a snap. If the case opens while inside of a purse or bag the tablet is vulnerable to damage. The snap closure ensures that foreign objects do not sneak in to damage the Galaxy Tab’s screen.


Another important function of a tablet case such as the Venture, is to improve the users experience. We watch movies on our tablets – sometimes sitting in a chair and sometimes laying down on our beds. The viewing angle will be different for both situations. Taking notes or writing emails are the same. Depending on the situation the angle of the tablet can be adjusted. The Galaxy Tab Venture Case closes with a snap. To use it –simply unsnap it – flip the front cover to the back side. If you want to use the Galaxy Tab hands-free the Venture Case can be formed into a tablet stand.


The Galaxy Tab Venture Case is covered with black faux leather and has a stripe of red added for visual interest. The underside of the front cover provides a faux sueded like surface that it soft againt the Galaxy Tabs screen. The front and back cover is firm so to protect the tablet from bumps and pressure that may be pressed against it inside of a bag. The snap closure holds the Venture’s front and back cover snugly against the tablet for additional protection of the Galaxy Tab’s screen. Inside the Venture case you will find how the Galaxy Tab is held in place by a form fitted slotted frame made of the same black faux leather as the outside cover. All tablet functions are easily accessed including the charging port.


A tablet case is not always a necessity – but to protect your investment – it is a wise accessory to consider. Consider the way you enjoy using your Galaxy Tab and choose a protective case accordingly. Sometimes one case works well for travel while another works well for everyday use. The Galaxy Tab Venture Case is resonably priced – it typically costs between $35 to $50 depending where you find it.


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