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Get BumpTop for Free While You Still Can - Download Bumptop - Bumptop is Acquired by Google

Updated on December 15, 2010

Bumptop Acquisition

BumpTop Acquired by Google

On April 30th 2010, it was announced that BumpTop was acquired by Google. This is great news for those who are anticipating a new touchscreen device from Google.

The interactive experience provided by the iPad is one of the major market differentiators between the iPad and eReaders like the Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook.

The innovative touchscreen UI that Bumptop offers will allow google to compete with Apple's iPad. 

What is Bumptop?

Bumptop replaces your current desktop with a revolutionary new user interface. The program is designed with a touchscreen user in mind and supports multi-touch gestures.

Bumptop is one of the first applications that has implemented the concept of inertia. They apply real world physics to the objects on your screen. If you drag an object across the screen it will continue to travel a short distance depending how hard you toss the object. Larger objects will also act heavier than a smaller smaller objects. if you toss a small object into a larger one, the small object will bounce off of the larger object. However, if you toss a large object at a smaller one it will bump into the smaller object and send it flying. Bumptop is very intuitive as everything you touch acts just like you would think it would if it were a real object.

The use of these physics engines will certainly help turn any multi-touch device from an iPad imitator into an iPad killer.

Read More About Bumptop

Get Bumptop Before its Gone

The sad side effect is that BumpTop as we currently know it will no longer be available. Both the free and pro(paid) versions of Bumptop are being discontinued.

For a short time after the acquisition the free version will still be available for download. Make sure you download this great application before it is gone forever.

Download Bumptop Now


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