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BumpTop - The New Desktop - Bumptop How To Guide

Updated on November 30, 2010

BumpTop 3-D Desktop

Bumptop gives your computers desktop a long needed face lift adding 3D Productivity and Multi-Touch Features.

Bumptop is both fun and functional with many innovative features that will let you improve your productivity.

You can download the free version or purchase the Pro version which has additional features.

Bumptop Aquired

Urgent Update: Bumptop has been acquired by Google.

Read more about the acquisition and what it means.

See What You Need

Have you ever sorted the icons on your desktop? Afterward, you can't find anything that you need from your desktop. It can take weeks to adjust to the new placement of your icons.

With Bumptop you can adjust the size of individual items on your desktop. The icons you use the most you can make larger and ones you don't use as much you can make smaller. BumpTop can even automatically grow your icons depending on how much you use them. This lets you easily find what you are looking for.

Can't Find a File

"Now where did I put that file."

If you are having troubles finding a file you can just start typing the name of it. As you type the files that match what you typing will be highlighted. It's like having a Control-F for your desktop.

Goodbye Folders

Say "Hello" to Piles.

Bumptop replaces folders on your desktop with Piles. Piles work just like the piles of paper you would make on your real desk. You can drag a file to a pile to add it to that pile. Or you can draw a circle around a group of files to create a new pile. You can view the contents of a pile in several ways. In the paid Pro edition you can even flip through the pile like a book.

Playing With Images

Hang Pictures

You can decorate your walls by framing your photos and hanging them on your wall.

Slide Shows

Setup photo slide shows to display on your desktop. You can add a Slideshow of photos from Facebook or Flickr using the RSS Photo Feeds.


Simply drag or toss your pictures to the large printer icon on the side wall to print out documents or imges.

Share your Photos

Drag or toss files to the email icon on your sidewall to email photos to your friends.

You can also add widgets for Facebook and Twitter that let you drag or toss images to icons on your sidewall and automatically post them to FaceBook or Tweet the image.

USB Drives

With BumpTop Pro you can drag and toss images and other files to your usb thumb drive to easily copy files to your jump drive. 

Sticky Notes

Place a sticky note right on your BumpTop wall.

TouchScreen Friendly

BumpTop was initially designed for the touchscreen and the touchscreen experience with Bumptop is phenomenal.

Bumptop is one of the finest examples of what is possible with the latest physics engines used for touchscreen programs. With the upcoming release of Windows 7 we hope to see more touchscreen applications of this caliber.

Read my article on Windows 7 and TouchScreens to learn more about the improvements to the Touch Experience in Windows 7.

The Radial Menu

Bump top has replaced the standard windows option menu with their own radial menu which is larger and easy to use on a touchscreen.

Dragging and Tossing

Objects can be dragged and tossed around your desktop and they will 'Bump' into each other just as they would in the physical world.

Multi-Touch Enabled

On Multi-Touch devices you can resize, right click and pan using the standard multi-touch gestures. You can easily find out if your touchscreen is multi-touch enabled by performing this MultiTouch Test.

Bumptop is currently working on adding additional multi-touch gestures to the application.


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    • adriespo profile image

      Adriano G. V. Esposito 

      5 years ago from Turin, Italy

      How to drag more icons? I cant select n icons to move them all in one gesture... Any idea?

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      hw to download it...!!!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Nice hub, i have BUMP TOP and its awesome...I do not have pro, but its still great...

    • Jeffrey Neal profile image

      Jeffrey Neal 

      9 years ago from Tennessee

      Wow, that is really outstanding. This makes me want a touchscreen now. Great hub!

    • bloggerad1970 profile image


      9 years ago

      I love this. I tried it when I found in Gizmodo, I think. It should come standard with Windows 7. It seems like the logical step in the evolution of the desktop. Fantastic!

    • Vegetarian News profile image

      Vegetarian News 

      9 years ago

      I checked out the website from your profile, lots of great content, Im looking forward to seeing the site and the hubs grow


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