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Get More Website Traffic with Click Bank

Updated on February 8, 2013

Organic Search Traffic

If you have a website you are always striving to get more traffic. You sell a product, or you sell advertising space on your site and make a few dollars doing so. Traffic is the key to being successful and the traffic is related to the quality of the content on your site. Everybody knows this by now or they should know it. Everyone whose website ends up on the first 10 pages of a Google search certainly knows it. And that is where the problem lies. Everyone is starting to produce good content. Everyone is producing more and more good content and that makes the chances of getting to Google's coveted first page near impossible unless you have a whole marketing team, key word analysis tools, Twitter and Face Book accounts, automated tweeting and Face Book posting, blogging, linking search optimised your graphics on your site and more. The rise of niche markets as a viable alternative for small web site owners is even getting crowded. Niche markets mean you may only have 300,000 competitors for Google's first page instead of 5 or 6 million competitors. Typing in the keyword “fashion” got me 2.37 BILLION results. Organic (how people find you naturally, with natural keyword searches) search results will probably not get you the web traffic you need to be truly successful with your site.

Affiliates Help You

Website traffic is also the by-product of selling an electronic product like an e-book is the ability to sell that book through a network of marketers called affiliates. Affiliates and product vendors meet up through a service like Click Bank. Affiliates write blogs and articles, produce web pages, and send emails to their readership. The goal of the affiliate marketer is to build trust with their readership. In return for directing potential buyers to you affiliates get a portion of your sale, in most cases a substantial portion of the sale because being a good affiliate marketer takes real time and money. In fact many affiliate marketers will take out expensive cost per thousand impression (CPM) ads on Google hoping to make enough in the spread between the product commissions and the cost of the ad.

Getting Started on Click Bank

The vendor (you if you are the one to produce the e-product) pays a fee to Click Bank of $49.50 to register the product and then Click Bank will also take a small portion of the sale. Click Bank puts you on their site in a category related to your product by keyword. So if you were writing about a dog training system you created you would likely be put under “pets” and possibly a tighter niche depending on your product and key words. Affiliate marketers interested in your category search the category for products they could endorse given the trust they have built with their readership. They send the buyer to you though Click Bank who assigns the redirection to your site via a cookie placed on the buyers computer (cookie is the bit of code on the buyers computer that ties that buyer to the affiliate) and when someone buys your product Click Bank handles the transaction and you get your net profit from your product and the affiliate marketing agent gets theirs as well. The buyer is redirected to a download site with and if you are offering a special price as an enticement on the product the buyer can insert a discount code you provided. Lots of words but a pretty simple process and Click Bank takes care of the mechanism for all of this to happen so relax.

How Website Traffic can Increase

So how does this get you more traffic to your site? This happens in three ways. Firstly, all of these affiliates linking to your site may boost you a bit higher in Google's ranking depending on how their criteria works( it’s a secret and they have had over 150 tweaks to their search algorithms this year alone). Secondly the buyer clicks on the affiliate’s link and the buyer is taken to your website where they will see your product and advertising. And thirdly if you are a smart marketer yourself, you will capture the buyer’s email by way of a tantalizing offer to sign up for the newsletter.

The key for you as the owner of the digital product is to get enough affiliates to sell for you. You do this through a quality product and high commissions. Maybe 50-70% commission of the final product purchase price with discounts (if any) applied before the split. High you think? Yes but realize that if you have marketed right and the buyer joins your mailing list you have probably cut out the affiliate marketer from any future sales. Your best and most profitable future sales come from your list. Most affiliate links are good only for 30-60 days and if a person purchases your product after the affiliate’s cookie expires any sales made are all yours and only a processing fee is paid to Click Bank with no commission. So a good reward to the affiliate is necessary to get them onboard.

In Conclusion

If you have written your one and only masterpiece this may not be the way to go but if you are a somewhat prolific writer and will be creating more than one digital product for your buyers (and maybe even sell some affiliate advertising yourself) this is definitely something you want to have in your marketing arsenal. Affiliates will write articles directed to your product, tweet about your product and possibly post on their Facebook page as well. This vastly multiplies your efforts. Good luck and watch for more articles on web traffic in the near future.


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    • whoissthompson profile image

      Steven Thompson 

      4 years ago

      Very good hub! I am a big fan of Click Bank too!

    • Abbyfitz profile image


      6 years ago from Florida

      Very useful hub. Voted up!

    • JanMaklak profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      I have an affiliate account with Click Bank but not a seller's account. I just signed up with SiteBuildIt! and will be developing a website with that company (they're more money but way more valuable with the training and tons of tools) I want to develop some digital products but have too much on my plate. I often write a hub first thing in the morning and then get on with my day. I'm one of those people that has too look further. Sometimes I'm articulate and sometimes not!

      Thank you for noticing my hub and following me. It's nice to know someone is 'listening'

    • mpropp profile image

      Melissa Propp 

      6 years ago from Minnesota

      Very interesting stuff. I learn a lot from your hubs. I am not a prolific writer and I don't have a separate website--yet, but you are really good at explaining the process behind so much of the online marketing and traffic generation. I appreciate that! Do you use click bank?


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