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Get The Most Out of Twitter

Updated on January 27, 2011

With Great Twitter Tips

Twitter is a social networking site.  Some also call it micro-blogging.  Lets just say its all about updating your status for the world to read.  Now, this does not mean that you have to let everyone know exactly what your doing when your doing it.  But, you can update it through out the day.  This is all about getting the most out of your tweets. 

Tweeting to help others.  This is the first tip that can be given.  You want to help those that are faced with the same issues that you are.  Even if this person is in India and your sitting in some small town in Kansas.  It is nice to know that someone else has or is going through what you are.  Sharing your experience is always a great way to help other people.  Use this along with your blog, and you will start building relationships. 

Goals.  Tweeting your goals to the world.  This will help you remain accountable for your actions.  After all if you want to succeed then you need to be held accountable for everything you do.  Even if it is a bit of wasting time playing Farmville on Facebook. 

Tweeting links to your blog or page.  Everytime you udpate your page, you will need to let people know.  This is where using Twitter can help you increase sales or impressions if you use Adsense as a means of monetizing your page. 

Did you have a bad day?  Maybe a fight with a good friend.  Then tweet it.  It is better to get it out then hold it in.  Just remember that Twitter is forever.  So, keep it clean and keep it nice.  Even though I am usually against putting my life in front of the world, sometimes it helps.  This can go hand in hand with the first tip. 

Friends are what keeps us happy.  Tweet to make friends and you will have followers who really want to read what you have to write.  This is probably the best way to use twitter than any of the others ones.  After all you can never have too many friends.  

Remember that Twitter is here to stay.  So, if you can make the most of your time online then you might even begin to enjoy life a bit more.  After all the more people that read your tweets then the more money you have the potential to make.  Make tweeting part of your everyday life.  Always remember to use the search feature with Twitter also. 


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