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How to Get More Legitimate Twitter Followers: 5 Ways

Updated on February 5, 2014

So you want people to follow you on Twitter

Those who are new to Twitter often have difficulty getting started. In fact, everyone I have introduced to Twitter has told me that they don't tweet because they don't understand it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Twitter is fun, easy and it can be done by anyone who understands how to use a Facebook account.

One of the first things that concerns new Tweeters is their number of followers. A small follower count is discouraging and can lead to abandoned accounts. Fortunately, there are a few simple ways for new Tweeters to legitimately gain a moderate follower count in a respectable amount of time. It is usually as simple as avoiding common errors.

  1. Don't be a Bad Egg. The first thing people see when exploring your twitter account is your avatar. It is the face of your twitter identity. Even if you have amazing tweets, many potential followers will not look past the "default egg" image before they move on. Make it a priority to choose an avatar that will be interesting and unique... your future followers will use it to identify you.
  2. Bio-Hazard. Providing your avatar was interesting enough to warrant more investigation, would-be followers will read your bio. Write something that will engage the reader and make them want to know more about you. Using this space for advertising, promises to follow back or to post nonsense characters will get you skipped.
  3. Don't top your top Tweet. Twitter has set it up so casual viewers of your profile only see your 3 most recent tweets. If all 3 of those tweets are retweets or conversations with others then you are forcing your audience to search for an original tweet. This is a chore that many are not willing to undertake. Retweets and conversations are great. Just make sure when logging off that you have left something original at the top of your timeline.
  4. You ARE a Followback Girl (or Guy). A person interested in following you is probably a person you would be interested in following. Check out your readers and follow them back if you like what you see. You may even want to search out tweeters with similar interests and follow them. They might follow you back!
  5. It's called social media. Many people fail to understand that Twitter is a reciprocal medium. A big part of tweeting is reading other people's tweets. Don't expect to jump online and begin to impart wisdom onto a loyal group of followers that you have not built relationships with. Respond to tweets, star them, retweet and recommend others to your followers. The big secret of Twitter is that people show interest in those that are interested in them.

Want to read about other ways to be successful on Twitter? Try this article on gaining more social media followers.


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    • symphony64 profile image

      symphony64 6 years ago

      That all makes sense good advice. Thank You

      Follow me @Butterfly_Me64

      Yes im a follow back girl. :)

    • Smallrevolution profile image

      Smallrevolution 6 years ago from Tokyo, Japan

      The first reason made me smile. Good one. And I quote, "Don't be a bad egg." I guess that's the best advice.