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GoPro Hero Cameras: Helping the Adrenaline Run

Updated on June 23, 2013

GoPro cameras are giving an all new outlook to active sports And activities. These cameras are state of the art technology well advanced HD cameras Giving the world another view at an affordable amount. With multiple capabilities and stability control you take first person to an all new extreme. Professional athletes, film makers, and every day people are using the GoPro camera for a fraction of the cost of other high tech cameras while producing just as good if not better performance. Also providing still photo shots in case you feel the need to frame your glory. These cameras are giving people the ability to show everything they do to family and friends that might not be able to do what they do.

These cameras have amazing qualities and uses. Light weight durability, weighing less than three pounds, the GoPro camera comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can last up to two and half hours of fun adventured video, maybe leaving you even breathless. To charge the camera, use a USB port with some possible options to plug into the wall or cigarette lighter. Shooting couldn't be easier in your videos with three different filming options, 1080p, 960p, and 720p. It has a wide angle lens that's wider than the competition. And do not be afraid to get crazy when filming as this camera's lens is replaceable for a small price if the lens does happen to break. The GoPro camera is virtually indestructible since most of the parts are replaceable, even the housing If broken.

GoPro cameras come in many different varieties to assist the population in shooting videos for their different sports or activities, not limited to surfing, skydiving, biking, running, or skiing. They offer multiple accessories to perform any task that you might encounter when trying to develop an original film. The most notable options to retrieve for these cameras are the mounting hardwares that can be used for vehicles, motorcycles, or yourself. Even an option to mount upside down is available for certain models. It can become shock proof and water proof with just an outer clear case case that will not effect your shots. Another accessory for the GoPro recommended for use is a large SD Card of 32GB which can store up to nine plus hours.

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This is definitely a user friendly camera. Minimal button pushing and able to push even with your hands covered with gloves. In the use of this camera, you will be astonished with what comes out from how you are seeing the world. It's like performing the act all over agin when watching your videos. The HD quality of the video portion is outstanding in any mode. Leaving the still photos just as gorgeous. This technology will hold its value for many years to come, since updates are periodically available that can be downloaded. Your enthusiasm over this product will have you striving to make each video better than your last. Leaving home without it won't be an option any more.

Do you see the spider?
Do you see the spider?

Finding the right camera for your needs or wants can be a little confusing, but purchasing a combo pack may be the answer. Even with the multiple Heroes out there, all have excellent feed and streamline video. They all have similar qualities which won't let you choose the wrong one. This way you are prepared for anything your adrenaline wants to conquer. Each one may be more geared toward a specific sport or activity, but all can be equipped the same for your mounting pleasure, as well as, the multiple accessories that were previously mentioned.

Go out today, sharing your memories with family and friends from your point of view. Smooth videos, action packed still photos are not too far away keeping you wanting more. If you're an active individual, you will enjoy every moment.

Personal Recommendation

GoPro Outdoor Edition:
I personally highly recommend this product. You will enjoy your sports and activities even more. Who said home movies can't be remarkable. Keep those big cameras at home and use this hands free camera to film each exciting moment. Using this camera for zombie mud runs, biking, and dirt bike riding makes each event even more enjoyable. GoPro or GoHome.


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