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Google Buzz - just another me too ?

Updated on April 20, 2013

Google Buzz - does it have the buzz value ?

Google Buzz is recent addition to Gmail features. Earlier you could just email, slowly you could chat with your email friends, now with Google Buzz it allows you to set your status (like Twitter), have a social network (like Facebook), share links (like Facebook), photos (Flikr & Picasa), messages from Google Reader

Google has always done things incrementally, it has never tried to create a buzz like say iPhone or Bing. So this is similar, despite the name "Buzz", it actually comes to market as just another feature addition on Gmail

Google Buzz - Only demo video you need to see

Why is Google launching Buzz ?

  • Product like Buzz gets Gmail closer to current "Buzz"makers Facebook & Twitter, without actually taking them head on, and spending lot of resources to do that
  • Google's core success now lies around ad revenue, and future will be no different. Google Buzz spreads the net wider for Google accessing the social networks now !
  • Google Buzz works seamlessly with Google Maps, combine this with mobile, and it gives rise to new "location based" search, which is Google's next big thing in search

Google Buzz vs Twitter

  • Google Buzz is essentially Gmail, Twitter does not require any email address
  • Twitter works as stand alone site, Google Buzz combines Twitter inside Gmail
  • Twitter has no ads, Google Buzz is similar to Gmail
  • Twitter has no photos, is just 140 characters. Google Buzz has no such limitations
  • Twitter has very limited location based service, just hash tags to serve a topic, Google Buzz totally integrates Google Maps and is truely location based !
  • Google Buzz works with your email, which is so easy, than logging into another site like Twitter

Google Buzz vs Facebook

  • Facebook is about friends, Google Buzz is both your contacts and also anyone in the world who has "Gmail" account
  • Facebook takes businesses, celebrities, brands into account, Google Buzz has no such model yet, as it operates out of Gmail (it will be similar to Twitter)
  • Facebook ad model is not so targeted and has not picked up at all, Google Buzz will use the best ever "Google Ad Sense"
  • Facebook is very private, only "Pages" updates go to search engines, Google Buzz will have everything going to search engines, as long as you put the update as "Public"
  • Facebook has no location based services, Google Buzz is next level of Google Maps

How to benefit from Google Buzz ?

  • You probably use internet only for checking emails, reading articles, seeing videos.
  • You probably know Facebook, but never ventured into Twitter.
  • You probably do all regularly, but now get confused if to use your iPhone to browse or browse using your computer

Whatever profile you fit, you will find Google Buzz interesting, as

  • It is easy, just another new feature in your Gmail (if you do not use Gmail, it is same as starting a new account on Facebook or Twitter)
  • It allows to quickly "Broadcast" whatever you are doing and you would like the world to know. Also it allows you do listen to others who are doing it
  • It allows you to follow & contribute to conversations happening around you in your neighborhood seamlessly (something which Twitter did but only when there was a crisis or a big breaking news)
  • It will take internet search to next level, it will show you search results in future, which are from your social network, which are from your proximity, so Google will serve you better by understanding you further

World will come closer further, but that will also mean, you will lose a bit of your privacy !

(How much of privacy - your privacy settings and activity profile will decide that, now on Gmail)

Google Buzz - location based use on iPhone


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