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Google Nexus 6 One Year Later

Updated on December 1, 2015

They Dont Say

Well I have only used and own the Nexus 6 for 8 months. But it has been over a year now since its release. Now, I know a lot of consumers had a lot to complain about with Google's NExus 6 device. "Its too big", "The camera isnt that great", "Price was marked too high", and the list could go on and on and on. But I am not here to nag my readers and viewers about what people should not like about this phone. I'm not here to discuss what is wrong with the phone. This is about the journey through this time with Moto Nexus 6 and is it still worth the buy today.

Not really here to discuss the specs and features and functions of this phone. There are thousands on thousands of videos and articles that explain what all comes with the Nexus 6. My thoughts and my experiences with this device has been very up to par and satisfying for me as a Android user. Because of owning a 6 inch screen , I really haven't had a great reason to purchase or even have an interest lately to own a new 7 inch or even 8 inch tablet. A 6 inch smartphone for an average user might be over doing it or too big for some and not comfortable in the pants pocket. Well, I for one really don't have normal or average size hands. I can use the Nexus 6 in one hand. So it is a one handed device in my eyes. I dont wear tight jeans or tight pants at all. I do wear jeans and slacks and shorts. Most of my pants have more than 4 pockets on them and my Nexus 6 fits just great in them. I have about 3 different types of phone cases for my phone (including the Project Fi Nexus 6 case), so it doesn't even have chipped edges or any scratches at all on the phone. Even outside the cases I used, I dropped the phone on numerous times, not that I did it on purpose but just being a little clumsy or excited. The phone is very durable. That I can assure you of.

The phone has wireless charging inside it. So I had purchased a qi Wireless charging device from Amazon that only cost me $12! It works like a charm! I am in love with wireless charging. Now, I know for some, this isn't a deal breaker at all and that most can live without that and would say they are missing much. But, just think about those days when you are in a rush and your phone is still plugged into a usb charger and you happen to be running late for any reason. You in the rush to get your phone and rip it out of the socket and you mess up your usb port on your phone and adpater, you are going to wish you had that wireless qi charger in handy. Or you just needing a quick charge before heading out to the store or to friend's house, you can just place the phone on the cradle and let it gain a little more power than before. This is when the wireless charging cradle comes in handy. Not all Android phones include this. Just keep that in mind.

Front facing speakers. Now at first, I think that having front facing speakers would be a must. But with a lot media and viewing content and playing games and youtubing, you will want your device to have front facing speakers. Now, unless you are constantly using bluetooth head sets and speakers, then I guess its not a dealbreaker for you again. But I have become a custom to front facing speakers. I won't ever buy another phone or future device without some front facing speakers again.

The Nexus is a year old now as we all know. It was launched with Android Lollipop Android 5.0. Every year Google launches there latest Operating System with their newly released smartphones. Yes, they may bug out or lag or on a occasion freeze and reboot. But, shortly after, the release a minor bug or fix.


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