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Google’s Email Service, Gmail. The Best Email Service Around.

Updated on March 30, 2010

Why to use Gmail

I have been using Gmail since you could only get it via invitation. The same that is happening now with Google Wave. Since then I felt in love with Gmail.

There are various reasons to believe that Gmail is the best email service around. I will be talking about some of them here.

I now have most of my other email accounts being redirected to my Gmail account. This way, I only need to use the Gmail account to check them all, always with the Gmail great features.

What makes Gmail great?

First of all, it is a Google service and that says a lot. Having that, once you log in to Gmail you have all the Google services around to access via just a click. I’m talking about the Great Calendar, Great Google Docs, Great Reader, Great Search Engine and much more that is two clicks away. :)

One of the greatest features on Gmail is the tidiness of the inbox. Once you receive a reply to an email it stays in the same conversation. You won’t end up with a big list of emails with the same subjects. You will always be relying on the same conversation. (same idea as the Waves on Google wave)

As if Gmail wasn’t already a great service they created the Gmail labs. Gmail Labs are a series of plug-ins that you can activate for your Gmail account. Activating a plug in is as easy as going to Labs and click activate next to the plug in you want. (the first time you need to go to settings and activate de labs, after that you will have a lab icon on the top right)

One of the plug-ins, for example, is a YouTube plug in. Once active, every time someone sends you a YouTube link, you will be able to see the video straight away on the email with no need to follow the link.

You can also use the yellow stars to easily mark the very important emails. After that you can click the “With Star” link and just see the emails you previously marked. If like me you have different projects and would like to have different symbols, you can just go to labs and activate the plug in that gives you more. I love it.

What else can I say? Everything in Gmail is just simple to use. You have many options to get it your way.  You can even select a different template.

Let’s just say that, a Free email that offers you more than 7GB of space is a great service, if it is developed by Google it is just perfect.

Do You Like Gmail?

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    • mglamorgan profile image

      Miguel Gigante 5 years ago from Born in Portugal/Living in UK

      Dear Nurruddeen,

      Registering with google is very easy and once you have an account you will use it for all the google products.

      Just go to and on the top right you have a red box saying "Create an account". Just click in there and follow the steps. Here you will have to choose what you want the first part of your email address to be, the second part will always be (so you choose something to go before the @)

      Once you create this you have your gmail account and all the google products including calendar, photos, G+, Documents...

      In case you ever buy an Android phone you will be asked for your gmail account and your phone will then be synchronized with this account, it is great the way it works.

      I hope this is of any help to you.



    • profile image

      Nurruddeen 5 years ago

      I dnt knw hw 2 gt a email address