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Great Apps for Android Cell Phones

Updated on June 22, 2011

A World of Android Apps

There is a whole brave new world of applications for cell phones, computer tablets and other portable smart devices out there.  It is amazing how quickly the number of apps that have been created.

What is even more amazing is the price range for these apps.  The top 100 apps out there for Android and other non-Apple devices can range in price from free to well over $100.  Yes there are even some apps that will cost you on a monthly subscription basis.

There are applications for productivity, business, communication, social networking and games, just to name a few categories.  This article will not attempt to tell you about all the best there is.  Instead I will focus on some of my favorites that I think you will find useful and enjoyable.  I have or have used these apps in the past so these are first person reviews.

Check them out, use the free version if available in order to see if you like the app.  And don't forget to tell me in the comments what you liked best or least about the apps I mention.

Jenga is the most fun on a small screen you can get
Jenga is the most fun on a small screen you can get

Everybody Jenga

Jenga is a classic game made from real wood blocks.  Its a classic party game and people have enjoyed the real world version of this game for decades.  Some say that versions of this game have existed for centuries in many different cultures from around the globe.

I don't know it that is true, but what I do know is that Jenga is very fun to play.  Now they have an application for your Android device.  And it doesn't disappoint.  It has the look and feel of the classic table top game as well as a few twist you would expect from an electronic version.

Jenga for Android has some of the most stunning 3D graphics I have seen anywhere for a mobile device app. You can actually see the grain of the wood. You can rotate around the stack a full 360 degrees in a smooth and fluid motion.  Plus you actually see the block coming toward you as you pull it from the stack. It's probably the best 3D visuals you can experience without putting on those stupid, dorky and pricey glasses.

Check it out and get your very own Jenga application.  It has to be one of, if not the top game application under $5 bucks anywhere.  Its just a fun addiction.

Watchdog your Applications

With the plethora of available applications and the ease of which we can collect them, our phones can quickly lose their computing power ability.  You smart device is nothing more than a computer and we all know what happens when hard drives and flash drives get loaded down with applications and software.  It slows down and sometimes even crashes.

Plus many applications tend to run in the background unless you turn them off or shut them down.  This eats up your battery as well.  So a phone that lasted say a full day before needing a charge, suddenly last only 4 hours.  You think your battery is defective or dying but in reality, you phone has too many apps running.

I use Watchdog in order to help me manage my applications.  Yes there are other application management tools available but I have found Watchdog to be reliable and it allows me to pick and chose what energy or resource hogs to shut down without causing adverse affects to my phone.

Watchdog also get high marks from users of the application which means that it works as they say it works and that it is easy and quick to use.  Plus it takes up minimal resources on your device so it wont eat up valuable space or energy. 

Check out and get your very own Watchdog Task Manager Application and you may find your device starts to act more like it did when you first got it.

Still one of the King of video games
Still one of the King of video games

Pac-Man is still King

What is there to say about Pac-Man?  Even the youngest of us know this classic game which got its start in the 80's.  Call it retro.  Call it classic.  But don't call it dated. 

Pac-Man spawned a number of cartoon series as well as tons of products featuring the Pac-Man logo.  In fact, Pac-Man is still one of the all time best and one of the all time biggest sellers in electronic games.

Its a great little app that will make those silly boring snippets of time just fly by.  This app uses the 'flick' feature on your device which makes the game easier to use and control.  And in case you don't know how to play or need a few key pointers, the app has an 'How to Play' application as well.

You know you love it.  Get your copy of the Pac-Man application and start eating those dots and ghosts.

Money Saving Apps

Not all apps will cost you money. Some will even save you money. Some have the potential to save you big - huge money.

There are a lot of coupon and discount apps out there but a few of the best I have found are below. The added bonus of these apps is that they do not cost you anything up front. Yes, there are applications that will charge you after a free 'looking' or 'try out' period. Others give you a stripped down version of the full application for free. To get the full application you have to purchase it. And still others are totally free. They make their money from the advertisers who use their application service.

In any case, you can save money. And even if you chose an application that you have to buy, you often get 'paid back' within the first few uses of the application.

Check out the sidebar for some great apps that will save you money just about anywhere you shop, dine or get entertainment.

Please note that some applications may require that you have a particular service such as Sprint, AT&T or Verizon or some other service.  So make sure you can use the application with your service provider.

One More Thing

If you liked this article and you found it useful, please tell others so they can read it and get the benefits of it. 

Also, please leave comments about your experience with the apps listed above.  Know some interesting tricks or tips to get more use out of the above apps, then please share with us.

You may also find my other articles to be of value so check them out.  Why not follow me so you know when I post more interesting and informative articles here. 


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