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GreatShield Smart Cover Buddy is Compatible with Apple iPad 2 OEM Smart Cover and Protects the Backside of the iPad 2

Updated on May 30, 2011

Love the iPad 2 Smart Cover but Long for Backside Protection

The iPad 2 is a very svelte lightweight tablet the draws attention from any crowd. It is so thin that you worry that it may break easily. In reality it is pretty durable and can withstand normal everyday use. Apple designed a very interesting Smart Cover for the Apple iPad 2 that works very well to protect the screen from scratches.

However, the backside of the iPad 2 is left uncovered and vulnerable to scratches. Would a scratch on the back of an iPad 2 effect its performance? No, of course not – but it could affect your psyche. Why take the chance when there is an inexpensive and easy to use solution? The Great Shield Smart Cover Buddy retains the look and feel of the iPad 2 without adding much bulk and does not detract from the great looks either.

iPad 2 Smart Cover is Compatible with the GreatShield Smart Cover Buddy

The Smart Cover Buddy is a simple, inexpensive yet functional accessory that is designed specifically for the iPad 2. It is a one piece plastic cover that easily snaps onto the back of the iPad 2. Each corner provides the strength and security to keep it securely attached to the backside of the iPad 2. It leaves all ports and buttons exposed for easy access. Although every inch of the iPad 2 is not encased – such as the top edge of the iPad – the protection is adequate for most everyday situations. The Smart Cover Buddy adds almost no bulk or weight. The clear transparent version can hardly be noticed but if you prefer there is a black one available.

Why Use a Smart Cover Buddy

The iPad 2 requires a hefty investment of $500 to $900 and you want to protect it

Many protective accessories mask the very looks that you are proud of and the Smart Cover Buddy does not

The Smart Cover Buddy can easily be removed whenever and as often as you like and replacing it is just as easy

The price of the Smart Cover Buddy is so reasonable that you can justify having more than one

Accessories Not Compatible between iPad and iPad 2

One thing learned from buying the first generation of any gadget is that you will not have the option to migrate the accessories to the second generation models. The iPad 2 is a great example of this phenomenon. Cases for the iPad allowed for a thicker body which the iPad 2 does not have. Stands may have more leeway between the two models but some will have snap-in type corners that are not shaped correctly for the iPad 2. Docking stations – although the pin connectors are the same are not compatible due to the location and angle of some ports.


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