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Apple iPad 2 Magnetic Smart Cover - Folds to Form Stand

Updated on July 9, 2014

The iPad 2 release gave me mixed feelings. I am so excited that I can hardly wait to get mine. On the other hand, I am perplexed that I already have so many cool accessories for my 1st generation iPad. The updated design of the iPad 2 is desirable and so far the new accessories are unique and desirable as well. From the start, Apple has come up with an interesting iPad 2 case. It is called the Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover. It is in fact a cover that is designed to both protect the Touchscreen and to provide an integrated iPad stand.

The iPad 2 Smart Cover is so unique that it was unexpected. Who would have thought that a cover/case would be smart enough to turn the iPad 2 on and off? Have you ever tried to catch the light on after the refrigerator door is shut? This is like that. If you are clever you can check it out and know for sure – but I will leave you to figure out the method on your own.


I remember the first time I saw the pictures of the iPad 2 with a Smart Cover attached to it. I tried to decide how it was attached and was concerned that there was some kind of latch involved. Who would want an appendage sticking out of the side of such a gorgeous piece of electronics? I was relieved once I learned that the Smart Case utilizes a magnet to cleanly attach it to the iPad 2. Even the magnet is sleek and adds to the allure of the entire package.


It is impressive to see the Smart Cover position itself just right by simply getting it close to the iPad 2. Although it looks a lot like a magic trick, in reality there are magnets – though unseen – built into the frame of the iPad 2 that tells the Smart Case where it belongs. It is also impressive that the Smart Cover has a magnetic connection strong enough to keep it attached when it is flipped completely to the back.

The choices are numerous. You have to decide whether you would prefer a Smart Cover made of leather or polyurethane. Both operate the same – the same magnet and the same 3 channels that fold (or roll) together to form an iPad stand. As you fold one section after another a triangle shaped tube is the end result (magnets keep it from collapsing). When attached to the top of the iPad 2 you get a perfect angle for typing. If you attach it to the bottom of the iPad 2 you get a viewing angle perfect for watching videos or a movie. Turn the iPad on its side and it works for the landscape orientation as well. This design is great for traveling since there is only the iPad 2 and the Smart Cover to carry along.


Since fashion provides a public peak into our inner selves, the colors available may help you to decide between a Smart Case made of leather versus a Smart Cover made of polyurethane. Leather Smart Cases are available in Cream, Tan, Black, Dark Gray or Red. The polyurethane Smart Covers are available in Blue, Green, Orange, Pink or Gray.  I am drawn to the Pink –however for those business meetings I may have to choose either a Gray or Red Smart Case.

The Smart Cover for the iPad 2 adds just a smidgeon of thickness and virtually no extra weight so carrying your iPad 2 in a small bag is an easy task. My experience with my 1st generation iPad shows me that they are pretty tough so scratches are not a big worry unless you are very careless. I can see actually using my iPad nearly as much as I use my iPhone since it is not always locked away inside of a bulky case. I also like that my current iPad stand will work with the iPad 2 with the Smart Case attached.



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    • celeBritys4africA profile image

      celeBritys4africA 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Great review!