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Guitar Sidekick holds iPhone and Media Devices at any Angle

Updated on April 21, 2011

Playing a guitar is something that a lot of people want to do, but they need a little nudge to get started. The Guitar Sidekick is a simple device that could provide the nudge. The Sidekick mounts on the neck of a guitar to hold a SmartPhone, an iPhone, or one of many other media players. A single electronic device can replace sheet music, lyric sheets, metronomes and recorders as well as a multitude of other music related items. Take guitar lessons without an instructor or computer. Sing along while reading the lyrics to a song from your iPhone. Play tabs from anywhere without the need for a computer screen.


The Guitar Sidekick is compatible with most any guitar whether it is an acoustic or an electric model. It does not get in the way of playing the guitar and it does not have to be removed for tuning the guitar. The guitar strings located between the nut and tuning pegs is a perfect area to mount the Sidekick since it is out of the way and does not affect the sound of the guitar.

How does the Sidekick mount to a guitar? The Sidekick has a double sided flat metal bracket that fits over and under the guitar strings. It snaps shut. The black plastic holder clips onto the bracket. The iPhone or other media device slips into the plastic holder in either portrait or landscape mode. A little adjusting for better viewing and you are ready to play. Although assistance for playing the guitar is the reason for the Sidekick, there is no rule that says you cannot sneak in a quick email check.

The Sidekick is compatible with the devices such as the iPhone, Androids, Blackberry and Zune. Other media devices works as well as long as they are similar in size to the ones listed.


Great things can come from simple ideas. For guitar players the Sidekick is one of those little items that can do so much. For those that are just learning the Sidekick is a tool that provides an extra hand. Sheet music will not blow away from the air conditioner vent, less room is required to store music related items and it will not get misplaced since it can stay attached to the guitar. The price is under $30 so giving it a try will not set you back to o much. It would also make a great gift for someone that already has everything.   



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