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HTC Advantage 7500/7501 Cell Phone-PDA-Convertible Mini Laptop

Updated on October 21, 2009

HTC Advantage 7500/7501 Mobile Tablet

This is a very unique device that I admit to wanting very much even though I cannot figure out why I need it. Maybe it is the onboard 8GB hard drive (expandable with miniSD slot) , the Windows Mobile 6 OS, its GPS capabilities or maybe it's the large 5 inch touch screen or - well - maybe it's that cool keyboard that attaches to the device via a magnet. Yes, I'm sure that it is all that and then there is the 3 megapixel digital camera.

Did I mention that the HTC Advantage X7500/75001 is not only a Mobile Tablet but that it is a cell phone as well? Whether you are making calls or surfing the internet you will be connected globally on the 3G, UMTS/HSDPA and Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE networks.

Admittedly, most users would dismiss this device as a cell phone due to its size. It measures approximately 5.2" x 3.8" x .06" and weighs over 12 oz. I have already decided that I would just insert my SIM card when I wanted to connect to the internet. The HTC Advantage can be purchased unlocked so this would be feasible.

Even with the bulk the HTC Advantage is much smaller than a full size laptop. You could use an UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) but you would not have the instant connection to the Internet - not to mention that it would only cost you the data service plan that you would have on any Smartphone or PDA phone. It is also possible to connect via WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0. There is a TV out feature that displays everything from photos to presentations to an external projector or television.

Another advantage of the Advantage is the battery life. It is rated to have up to 8 hours of battery life. It would be hard to say how long you could surf the internet but it is also rated to have 5.5 hours of talk time. You could also use the battery life to power streaming video, music or for shooting your own digital picture or video.

For those of us that work on the road Windows Mobile 6 really hits the spot.

  • HTML email
  • Push e-mail
  • Windows Live (ability to chat with multiple people at the same time)
  • View/navigate/edit Microsoft Office Suite Programs
  • Create charts in Excel
  • Use spell-check, commands, bullets, formatting and tables in Word documents
  • Create/edit Word document or Excel Spreadsheet then synch to convert to PC version
  • PowerPoint presentations created, rehearsed, live links checked and communicate through email or MSN Messenger to team
  • Syncs e-mail, contacts, tasks with your PC
  • If device is lost or stolen it is possible to wipe it clean remotely

The HTC Advantage 7500/7501 is not inexpensive but for all of the devices it can replace it may not be too expensive.


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    • profile image

      mobile phone gal 10 years ago

      my husband own this baby and yes it is his baby!

    • profile image

      yassin 10 years ago

      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008

    • maricarbo profile image

      maricarbo 10 years ago

      My daughter would probably tell you to get a Vera Bradley backpack for your laptop. They are pretty, and feminine, and slightly expensive unless they are on sale.

    • Debbie Cook profile image

      Debbie Cook 10 years ago from USA

      Well, that might be interesting. I would rather use my wireless Bluetooth headset like I do now with my AT&T 8525.

    • profile image

      Martijn 10 years ago

      I would have loved to see you keep this up against your head to make an actual call :)