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HTC Desire HD ICS Update | Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich

Updated on July 17, 2013

Desire HD ICS Upgrade

Read this hub to find out how to install Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich in your HTC Desire HD ....

HTC Desire HD is a very popular phone. HTC is trying to update it with Android ICS. But, they have not got success yet to incorporate Sense UI on ICS for updating HTC Desire HD. Thousands of customers are waiting for getting ice cream sandwich on Desire HD.

The latest news says that they have cancelled the ics update process for Desire HD. According to : “Defending its decision not to bring Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system to the HTC Desire HD, the Taiwanese handset manufacturer has suggested the software would cause users to lose data.”

If you are waiting for the official ICS update then wait and you may get ICS on your Desire HD some day (if you are lucky enough). But if you want it now then you have to install custom ROM on it.

This custom ROM developed by some XDA forum member is great and working well. It has too little bugs then other custom ROM builds.

Pre Caution

Before advancing to the updating process you need to take some pre cautions.

1) Do not do it if you are a complete novice in Android. Take help from an experienced guy.

2) Charge the device to at least 70% before updating. If you forget to do it then your phone may be juice-less in the middle of the installation process. This may result in bricking your phone.

3) You should have to backup all your phones data. You can save your contacts and calendar to Android cloud service. Use a file manager to store data to an external SD card. There are also some excellent SMS backup apps available for free in the market.

Do not blame us for any damage to your phone or any data loss; you shall have to do it on your own responsibility


1) A rooted HTC Desire HD phone.

2) A PC/ Laptop

3) The phone should have CWM custom recovery image installed.


Stage – I

1) Enable USB debugging from the setting menu.

2) Now, download the ICS custom ROM from here in your PC. Use wi-fi for quick downloading.

3) Now connect your HTC Desire HD with the PC.

4) Transfer the file from the PC to your mobile’s SD card.

5) Now disconnect the device from PC.

Stage – II

1) Now switch off the mobile.

2) While rebooting the device press the volume buttons and the power button together to enter into the custom recovery mode. If the custom recovery screen does not appear then reboot again and follow the same procedure.

3) In the recovery mode select wipe data/factory reset.

4) After that you need have select: install zip from SD card > choose zip from SD card.

5) Find out the ICS downloaded file. It would be in zip format. Do not try to unzip it.

6) Start installing the file. It will take some time to be installed.

7) Wait for some time. You may leave the phone alone and focus elsewhere.

8) After the finishing of the installing you need to select: reboot system now.

9) After that your HTC Desire HD will be opened with an ICS operating system.

HTC Desire HD with ICS

Note: ICS

ICS or Ice Cream Sandwich is a sleek and user friendly version of the mobile OS Android. It's another name is Android 4.0. Ice Cream Sandwich is known for its good looking and polished interface. This is a vast improvement from the previous versions of Android. All the Android users of older phones like HTC Desire HD are craving for ICS updates, which unfortunately, the makers are unable to provide officially.


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