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HTC Windows Mobile

Updated on March 29, 2012

The What

I don’t know if this is good or bad but I think I will feel incomplete without my cell phone- my HTC Windows Phone specifically.

After relocating to the US the first thing I needed was a new phone connection and number. I took my old HTC handset and walked into the nearest T Mobile store to inquire if I could continue using this handset in the US. Hoping I would be, I was delighted when the store technician confirmed I could and I opted for a monthly pre paid plan which went live in a few minutes and I happily walked off with the comfort of my old phone, new number in the new country. Some comforts are cherished and continued!


The Why

My cell phone (like for many of us I am sure) helps me in a multitude of ways – dialling in and dialling out is just basic.

Firstly it is my time keeper, my clock – sadly thanks to the cell phones, we don’t even have a decent clock in the house. I mean clocks are such wonderful pieces of art and great to have in your living or study, but no, we don’t have one. We have been on the lookout for a nice clock but till then our cell phones more than suffice.

I can’t remember the last time I used a bedside alarm clock, maybe in my childhood. In the last decade I have relied on my cell phone tucked under my pillow or nestled by its side. It is no different and it worked perfectly, no winding, no pulling of knobs, just tapping of some keys (rather text- since I have a touch phone) and I am all set.

Super handy for taking pictures and yes , most pictures for my hubs are clicked on my windows phone. They aren’t too bad, are they? You see anything you like, a dress, some furniture, a sign board, you just need to fish out the cell phone and click - click (cautious that it is permitted). Definitely not for memorable trips please!

Email – every morning, I check mail on my phone while still in bed and squint eyed. If there is something urgent, out I jump, else tuck it back under the pillow and curl up for some more winks. No logon needed or connect to required, it’s on all the time—I just keep refreshing mail all day , especially when I’m out on that walk or at the courts or at the shop and don’t miss a thing in the email world. Crazy eh?!

GPS – aah, one of the best features: clueless we were once in Phoenix in a rental car with no GPS. With the handheld and using the Maps Apps and it even speaks out to you, we found our way to the restaurant we were looking for. Perfecto!

Bing! Amongst a large group of childhood friends, yapping away to glory were we and discussing random facts and favourites—disagreement or discrepancy in data points? Did Steffi Graf win X or Y number of Wimbledon titles, was the year 1984 or 85 when the first??.....zap those cell phones come out and search engines on the phone go found, argument over. Where were we? What next?

Out for that walk or on the elliptical at the gym – activate Runtastic and FM Radio, lets get moving and burn some calories!

Bored at the airport - Playing Hangman or Poker or the numerous games that one has the option of playing on phones nowadays, oh gosh, where has the art of making conversation and smiling at others gone? Tsk Tsk..

I should stop now, but I am convinced if I don’t have my cell phone with me, I am going to feel incomplete, handicapped and restless. Boon or bane...I can't say for sure and the argument continues!


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