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Heart Rate Monitor Reviews 2016

Updated on January 26, 2016

A heart rate monitor is an essential tool for anyone who is serious about their cardio workout. It allows you to get and stay in the optimum exercise range and you can clearly see your progress, as it takes more and more effort to get your heart beat to the same level.

In heart rate monitor reviews 2016 we are going to look at what the best new heart rate monitors can do for you.

Top heart rate monitor 2016
Top heart rate monitor 2016

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

The Forerunner from Garmin, is one of the very best heart monitors available. This device is also a great example of form meeting function. It is not only an excellent heart rate monitor. It also includes a high sensitivity GPS receiver. The GPS antenna is partially wrapped around the wrist. This improves the tracking and allowing for more accurate speed and distance readings.

The heart rate monitor is wireless and the device's chest strap is comfortable. It transmits reliable heart rate data by eliminating cross talk with other devices. The Forerunner stores your previous workout data. This means that you are able to compare and analyze your performance. It also allows you to switch between different modes. Enabling you to transition from one mode of exercise like running to another mode like biking without having to reset the device.

Garmin also gives you free software called 'Garmin Training Center'. This can be used to generate interactive charts that allow you to analyze your performance. The software also give details of your workout at every point. This means that you can see the effects of distance, time, elevation etc. This in-depth analysis can help with training for any sport.

Garmin Forerunner is a great training device that has a genuine impact on the level of fitness of the user.

Polar FT60 Women's Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Polar is a well regarded manufacturer of heart rate monitors. The FT60 monitors are considered to be one of the most reliable models. The accuracy combined with the exceptional features make this device a popular choice.

The wrist heart rate monitor displays heat rate as well as time. It also has stop watch functionality. The clarity of display is improved with the large digits and back light. Your heart rate is displayed continuously. The heart rate display can be changed to show in the format that you like best. This means that you can see beats per minute or a percentage of the maximum heart rate.

This heart rate monitor supports the G1 GPS sensor. So if you want to have GPS tracking you can add this to your FT60 later.

The Polar FT60 is regarded by many as the best in it's price range.

Best cheap heart rate monitor 2016
Best cheap heart rate monitor 2016

Omron HR-100C Heart Rate Monitor

This heart rate monitor is one of the most popular ones on the market. The main reason behind it's popularity is it's simplicity. The Omron HR-100C is also very inexpensive and fairly reliable. The Omron HR-100C has plenty of features for fitness and general exercise use.

The standard digital watch design has a comfortable ventilated band. The monitor is back lit, which means it easy to read. The watch also has a stop watch feature, which I found very useful. The transmitter chest strap is comfortable to wear during exercise. The chest strap is not bulky and hardly noticeable. The transmitter strap delivers continuous and accurate heart rate data. The watch and the transmitter belt are both water resistant up to 98 feet.

This overall great device does have one drawback. It does not use coded transmission between the two parts. What that means that the device can be prone interference from other gym equipment. This can affect the accuracy of the readings, which as a result can be slightly inconsistent.

A great feature of the device is the alarm function. It is an optional function which alerts you to very high or low heart rates.

The Omron HR-100C is a reliable and uncomplicated piece of equipment that is great for improving general health levels.

Best selling heart rate monitor 2016
Best selling heart rate monitor 2016

Polar FS2C Heart Rate Monitor

A great device for improving general health and fitness levels. The simplicity and ease of use make it an especially attractive package for new users. It is a great entry level heart rate monitor.

Polar FS2C also has the ability to recall the whole exercise session. This allows you to analyze your performance in detail. It also allows you to set alarms that alert you in case your heart rate is too high or too low. It also has a built in stop watch. The Polar FS2C is water resistant up to 50 meters.

An impressive and reliable device for basic fitness and health purposes.

I hope heart rate monitor reviews 2016 has given you some helpful information on the newer heart rate monitors. You might also enjoy reading best home gym 2016 and best doorway pull up bar.


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