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Hosted Application - a cheap alternative solution

Updated on May 18, 2012

Importance of communication in any organization

In any large organization, even SMEs (small and medium enterprises) communication is a critical factor for success, management, and business continuity. Both external and internal communications are essential for any type of business.

Customers with an important transaction, say billing inquiry, will have a negative impression if they waited too long or unable to connect to a company’s hotline. Worst, if they are able to connect but the line is choppy or if they had a difficult time navigating on the automated dialing options.

The same goes for communication between members of the organization. A reliable internal communication system should exist between each employee, from the higher ups down to the rank and file – meetings, sudden company announcements, emergency situations, etc…

Dependable alternate solution

A dependable communication system doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive. Nowadays, visual communication is just as effective as audio communication, even more in some cases. Why invest big bucks for a phone system (either wireline PBX or mobile) when almost everyone is already online.

So what am I getting at? In this digital age, having an email account is imperative for any business. Most people would prefer to browse the company’s website and use the “Contact Us” section instead of picking up the phone for an inquiry. A site with awesome web design and optimized content is not only a good communication tool for the company but also improves the company’s image and makes the business accessible to a larger audience – needless to say, each website visitor is a potential customer.

Advantages of using a Hosted Application Provider

The previous paragraph mentioned and generalized some obvious advantages of having a website and stable email accounts. So, now you might be asking yourself a very important question: “How much will it cost?”

The question is not surprising as “cost” is a very important factor in company decisions and improvement. However, the answer is quite surprising because having a custom designed website and professional sounding email accounts are inexpensively offered by hosted application providers.

There are numerous hosted application providers available on the market, so for this context, let’s use a Oakwood Systems. This dependable provider offers three main services:

  • Web hosting
  • Hosted apps
  • Web development

At a surprising low rate, clients can choose unlimited email and ftp accounts, custom coding, custom web design, customized graphics, and FREE set-up on its web based applications.

Unlike some providers where you’re forced to simply “fit the mold” of what they have to offer, Oakwood Systems provides a separate, fully customizable, installation of each application.

To learn more about this provider, visit their website,, or one of the related links below. The links below also lead to other useful information related to hosted application services.

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