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How Do I Change My Home Page To Yahoo

Updated on March 25, 2013

If you’re a technologically savvy person who has been around the world wide web a time or two, chances are you already know how to change your home page to yahoo but if you’re reading this, then you obviously need help setting yahoo as your home page. The reasons why you would want to change your home page to yahoo are not relevant so we won’t go into that but you should know that yahoo has a very helpful tutorial in their FAQs that walks you through this process regardless of what browser you’re using.

If you’re using Firefox, go to the “Options” tab and click on the “General” tab and then select “show my home page”. If it’s blank, enter in the text box and then click “ok”. If you use Internet Explorer, select “tools” at the top of your browser, then “internet options”, next click on the “general” tab and then enter before clicking on “apply” and then “ok”. Safari users only have to select the “general tab” under the “edit” tab and then enter the yahoo url before hitting “close”. Chrome users on the other hand have a bit of work to do as first they have to sign into chrome and then click on “settings” and input the yahoo url in the page under “on startup” and then click okay.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist or brain surgeon to figure out how to change your home page to yahoo or any other search engine or website. The process is the same and it’s not complicated at all. Simply identify what browser you’re using and follow the steps in the paragraph about and if my steps are too brief for you and you want more detailed instructions that walk you step by step through the whole process, then by all means head over to Good luck changing your home page to yahoo.


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