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How RFID Blocking Gadgets Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Updated on May 29, 2020
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Chardie Cat is an author and a blogger. He is a motivational writer who also loves to discuss about life, family, health, and technology.

How much do you know about identity theft?


According to online statistics, an average of more than three million people in the United States alone are victims of fraud in 2019 and there were more than half a million cases of identity theft were reported. But what’s alarming, aside from this growing rate, is the fact that identity thieves are now getting wiser and going hi-tech.

While there were effective ways suggested in different sources to proscribe this widespread predicament—like radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking gadgets—it is still evident that the number of victims continue to rise every year and more citizens are losing much of their wealth, at monumental proportions, every day. This is a distressing reality that should be prevented to mitigate, if not stop, the thieves from becoming more confident and brave to steal.

How do you protect yourself from identity theft?


As typical citizens, we must be cautious and aware of this kind of activity in order to protect ourselves from the ruthless thieves. With the emergence of advanced technologies, people are also becoming vulnerable to becoming victims of fraud due to their frequent use of gadgets in public places. You must know that there are so many ways these fraudsters could steal your personal and financial information, including RFIDs.

Whether you are techy or not, you can protect yourself against identity theft through modern gadgets. RFID is one of the most common. Although this gadget does not guarantee a 100% protection, it is one of the best innovations we can make use of. These hi-tech innovations are reliable tools you could use if you would find it very expensive to avail of a personal information security system. The following are a few personal RFID blocking tools you might like to consider.

RFID Wallet Blocking Cards


This is an innovation that protects and secures your credit, visa and debit cards from identity theft. RFID Blocking Card works by blocking untoward RFID scanners that are reading your cards. You can place up to six RFID cards in between two blocking cards to ensure that your information is well protected. It is precisely designed to fit conveniently in any wallet, with long-lasting durability and functionality.

RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder


This tool is designed specifically to protect your credit cards from identity theft while holding it. It prohibits transmission of information by a thief’s scanner. It can also hold up to 10 cards for safekeeping and it comes in a wide variety of designs for your specific preference. When you have this RFID blocking credit card holder at hand, you can assure that your personal information is safe and protected against identity theft.

Luggage RFID Blocking Card Sleeve


When you are traveling, you will never know when an identity thief would strike. Aside from preparing all the things you need for your trip, secure your luggage. This tool is an effective instrument to block RFID readers and prevent unwarranted access to your private information, especially when you are in public places. With this gadget on your baggage, transmissions of information would be difficult to occur.

These are only three of the many hi-tech innovations available in the market that provides protection to your personal and financial information. Through these devices and technologies, you can secure your hard-earned assets and keep your finances safe. But take note that RFID blocking gadgets are not absolute protections. These tools, backed up with your careful actions, will keep you away from the troubles of fraud cases. You don’t want to lose your finances in fraudulent ways, so it is good to be vigilant.

In this financially challenging time, we need to be careful


Protection and prevention are our best defense from the growing list of identity thieves. But when you realized that you are already a victim of identity theft, you should not procrastinate. Report your case to the right authorities immediately, then consult a lawyer and ask for guidance on how you can find justice. If you think hiring an attorney is too expensive, try the prepaid legal services offered by time-tested and trusted providers, which will assist you throughout resolving your case. And when you caught one thief, teach him a lesson or two.

You have been working hard to build up your finances, so do not allow these thieves to steal the fruits of your labor. Prevent identity theft and protect your wealth!


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