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How Technology changed since 1980's

Updated on January 16, 2017

A computer Terminal from the past

Computers entered to my life in 1980s

As a freshman in the Business school, I have enrolled to Fortran computer language lessons in 1982.

At that time computers lessons were given without computers in the class room.

Our professor wrote the command sequence on to the "greenboard" with a white chalk. We coppied all to our notebooks. I didn't understand most of the commands.

He told us to practice and left the class. At that time, our university had a main computer in use of the students. You had to got to the computer building, get an appointment to use a terminal.

My best friend and I did all. We sat facing the monitor, opened our note books and started to write the comments and nothing happened. We sat there confused, than I asked a computer engineering student to help us.

He entered all the coments so easly and started explaning. To us all were Chinese and we thought what a clever, hot guy. He can use computers.

He ignored us, to him I guess we were two silly girls that can not write a fortran command. Technology may cahnge but geek boys will be geek boys,

Type writers

Passing from Type Writer to Computer

I always like to write, I used to write my stories to yellow straw paper when I was in high school. Way back than, using type writer meant becoming a real writer.

All real writers had their own typewriters. Mechanical typewriters like a classical black Remmigton or a small portable white Oylimpia were so important machines. I also find the mechanical type writer sound very romantic, I think about a handsome writer tapping the keys of his type writer, creating a world moving novel, he also has a pipe, smokes, thinks and writes. Like a scene from a black and white film.

Than electrical typewriters become popular. I didn't like their sound, it was not romantic just mechanic.

I always think company owners, businessmen used the electronic typewriters, not the real writers.

Than everybody began to use computers. Writers, business man, collage kids, housewifes, small kids, old people ....

Writing wasn't romantic any more..

First Celular Phones


In the second half of 1980's I was working in the Taiwan Trade Center, my Chinese boss was talking about the Yuppie guys walking in the streets talking with cell phones. It was like a science fiction story to me. A few years later cell phones appeared in Turkey to. Motorolla was a favorite brand. They were big, heavy with an antenna, looked liked a brick with the squirare and ugly design and were very expensive.

I couldn't afford one for a long time. Than my husband who is a thecnology geek bought a Nokia 6110 and gave his old Siemens to me.

Now even the kids have cell phones, we can communicate with anyone, every time...

I still have hand me down telephone of my husband, now I have an iphone 5, he has an iphone 7. Don't wonder about iphone 6, it went to my son.. :)

Do you like high tec gadgeds

Do you like technology or think olds days were better

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Before Digital Cameras

I love taking pictures but 30 years ago taking pictures was different than now.

We didn't have automatic machines, exposure, diafram adjustments were made manually. In order to measure the light, we used to carry a portable light meter.

After taking a photo, it was imposible to know whether it was good or bad, you have to wait for devolepment of the film.

Making effects were very difficult, I used to buy different Hama filters, but each time changing filters, lenses, making adjustment took so long time and sometimes the object of your photo would move, go away, or the sun would set, light would change and all effords were wasted.

I liked developing black and white photographs thoug. When images were formed on the white photography paper I always felt happy.

But I love my digital camera, it is so easy to take a picture nowadays. You just care for the composition, a good photo object, camera does the rest...

Easy and convenient.

Televison was black and white

In Turkey in 1970s Television was black and white, there was only one state channel and we could watch Tv only in the late afternoons and at night. We used to watch old hollywood films, were fans of James Dean and loved Marlon Brando on the docks..

USA made series such as Dallas, The White Shadow were very popular. We used to watch the ice skating tournamends and there weren't any ice skating place in the whole country.

Best Gadgeds when I was in high school

Three revulationary electronic equipment of the near past

Pagers : In 1980s before cellphones we had pagers. It was such a cool gadget. Beep beep ... a massage would arrive to the small black and white Led screen of the pager. Doctors, stock brokers, emergency workers used pagers in those days.

When I was working in a bank in 1987, I used to dial the pager messagenger number, to send an urgent buying or selling message to our stock broker.

Telex : It looked like a typewriter with a printer. It was used as an international telegraphic service. You used to type your questions or things to say, the correspondent company could get them as a printed teks in minutes and write back.

Especially tourism companies, shipping, trading companies used telex.

Walkman : Sonny walkman was such an in gadget in my teenager days. It was a portable cassette player with headphones. We used to listen music in the streets with them, it was a revalution for us. Than cassettes were replaced by disks, we purchased diskman.


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