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How To Convert Just About Any World Currency on Your Samsung Reality Cell Phone Calculator

Updated on October 9, 2010


Your Samsung Reality cell phone has a converter function that lets you convert just about anything.  One conversion feature allows you to convert currency from just about anywhere in the world.

Step 1

On your touch screen, go to your "Menu" icon then choose "Settings and Tools"

Step 2

Choose # 2 "Tools" on your Reality cell phone touch screen.

Step 3

Choose #2 "Calculator" which is located toward the top of your cell phone.

Step 4

Select # 3 "Converter"

Step 5

Select "Currency". This will put you into the Samsung Reality cell phone world currency conversion screen .

Step 6

Press the top drop down arrow on your cell phone screen. Select dollar ( USD ), AUD, BRL, CAD, pound, etc. This will determine which currency you are converting from.

Step 7

Press the bottom drop down arrow on your Reality cell phone touch screen. Select the currency you want to convert to.

Step 8

Immediately, the bottom of the screen will populate with the current conversion amount. From there, you can enter the amount of currency you want to covert from in the empty field in the middle.

Step 9

Press "Done" and your Reality phone will convert the currency.


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