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How To Move Pictures From Memory Card Back on to Samsung Reality Cell Phone

Updated on January 16, 2011


Ok, so you've taken some pictures on your Samsung Reality Cell Phone and you have removed them from the phone and now have them stored on the memory card.  Now you want to move the pictures back to the phone. How do you do this?

Easy, just follow the directions below. This article will teach you how to move pictures from memory card (sandisk) back on to your Samsung Reality cell phone.

Step 1

Insert the memory card back into your cell phone.

Step 2

The cell phone screen will ask you if picture, video and sound will be saved to card memory. I just select "no" in this case but it really doesn't matter for sake of what you are trying to transfer here.

Step 3

Touch the "Menu" icon on the touch screen.

Step 4

A bunch of Icons will come up as usual on your Reality cell phone touch screen. Touch "Setting and Tools"

Step 5

You won't be able to see it until you scroll down, so scroll down until you see the word "Memory".  Touch "Memory"

Step 10

Touch "Card Memory"

Step 11

Then select "My Pictures"

Step 12

Select "Move" which is located in the lower right corner of your Reality touch screen

Step 13

Then choose the pictures you want to transfer back on to your cell phone by touching the check box on the right side of the screen. Only touch the blocks next to the pictures that you want to move.

If you want to move all of the pictures, touch the check box at the very top of the Reality cell phone touch screen (the box next to "Move all").

Step 14

Hit the "Done" button / bar at the bottom of the screen and you are finished! You'll get notice that your photos are transferred and you are done.

I hope that helps you to transfer photos from your memory card to your Samsung Reality cell phone. Thanks for reading.


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