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How To Get A Lot Of Friend Requests On Facebook

Updated on December 24, 2012

Strategy To Get A Lot Of Friend Requests On Facebook

There is a way you can get a lot of friend requests on Facebook, all without sending out a bunch of friend requests. As you are probably aware of, you can only send out a certain amount of friend requests before Facebook gives you a warning and then they may even delete your account. With that said, I will give you an easy strategy you can follow and you can end up getting a lot of friend requests on Facebook.

What The Strategy Invovles

First, before I tell you how to do this specific strategy, let me tell you three main things that this strategy involves.

  • Another social networking site
  • About 30 minutes of your time, each time you use this strategy
  • Persistence

And now lets talk about the strategy. Continue to read on for the strategy to use if you want to get a lot of friend requests on Facebook.

The Strategy

The first thing you want to do is join Tagged, which is a social networking website that is not as popular as Facebook and probably not as popular as MySpace. So why am I recommending you join Tagged if it is not a very popular social networking website? Tagged has a feature called "Meet Me", and once you are a member of Tagged you can use this feature.

Once you have joined Tagged you will want to go to the "Meet Me" section and just click the 'YES' button over and over again. You will find that clicking the 'YES' button is a very easy way to start getting friend requests on Tagged. Spend about 15 minutes just clicking the 'YES' button and then go approve your friend requests after you have spent about 15 minutes clicking the 'YES' button in the "Meet Me" section.

Once you have approved your friend requests, simply tell your new online friends to go and add you on Facebook.

Then repeat. Do this everyday or every other day or whenever you want to get friend requests on Facebook. The process can take between 15-30 minutes once you get the hang of it.


There are many other strategies that I used to use when I was trying to build up my name and the above strategy was one of the ones that I used. The above strategy has helped me build a fan page on Facebook that has thousands of people on it, and when I add content to one of my websites I share it with people on this particular fan page. And it works, I get a lot of views and so forth.

You can tweak the above strategy to make it better or to make it suit you.

I am also aware that many people do not like the idea of using social networking sites in such a manner but if you want to build a name for yourself or draw attention to your writing, then you need a strategy and you cannot be afraid of what other people will think, so give the above strategy a try for a few weeks and see how it works for you. Good luck.


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