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How To Get Paid For Tweeting On Twitter

Updated on February 23, 2012

Making Money On Twitter

Sponsored Tweets Pays You For Every Tweet

I've been looking for more ways to make money on twitter and I found a website called SponsoredTweets that actually pays you for tweeting on twitter. Its one of the most promising opportunities I've used when it comes to making money on Twitter for free. SponsoredTweets has been recognized as an honorable company that has been around for quite some time. Its free to sign up and the concept is simple: They pay you for posting up their advertisements that they provide and you get paid based on how many clicks you get. This can be a great way to make some extra money online, especially if you have a lot of followers on twitter. I currently tweet advertisements about 3 times per day from the SponsoredTweets website, and that makes me around $5.00 or so every day that I do it. With that being said, SponsoredTweets is a great way to make money at home because it allows you to make money using twitter without requiring any investment.

I have about 7,000 followers on twitter right now and SponsoredTweets currently estimates that my average earnings per tweet should be around $5.00. This is because I have a lot of followers on Twitter and the more followers you have on Twitter the more money you can earn on twitter. One of the primary reasons I have over 7,000 followers on twitter is because I use Twitter software that gets you more followers on Twitter.

The twitter software is called Tweet Adder and it does a great job of automating many tasks on twitter that are conducive to getting more followers on twitter. One of the biggest advantages of using Twitter software is the fact that I can expect to increase followers in the future at a rate of at least 100 new followers per day. This means that the revenue that I earn from SponsoredTweets is sure to increase overtime.

Feel Free To Register with Sponsored Tweets and you can start making money on Twitter faster than you think. Its free to sign up and the payout minimum is super low, and that means you get paid more often.


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    • profile image

      Chad 7 years ago

      Awesome hub, thank you for telling me about the website. It seems like one of the easiest ways to make extra money on twitter

    • profile image

      Tom 7 years ago

      Thanks for telling me about this website. I'm excited to start making money, vie heard of this website before but I've never joined the website until now.