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TweetAdder 3 - Why TweetAdder 3.0 Twitter Software Just Got Better

Updated on November 12, 2010

The New TweetAdder Update Exceeds Expectations

TweetAdder has been around for quite some time now and has developed a solid reputation as an effective twitter software for getting more followers. I've been using TweetAdder for over 3 months now, and in that time I've gotten more than 8,000 new followers on twitter, my article traffic has increased substantially, I doubled my conversions and twitter profits, and now I have a highly targeted list of people that I can connect with on a consistent basis.

My Achievements From Using TweetAdder3

  • I've gained more than 8,000 followers on twitter
  • My Article Traffic Has Increased Substantially (tripled)
  • Because my Article traffic tripled - So Did My Google Adsense Earnings
  • I have doubled my conversions
  • Doubled profits from sales that I made from twitter
  • Created a highly targeted list of people to connect with on twitter. (This is important if you are interested in increasing your conversions on twitter).

TweetAdder 3 Twitter Software Update

Why TweetAdder 3.0 Works So Well

Recently, TweetAdder has released an update to its twitter software: TweetAdder 3.0 was released at the end of the summer in 2010.

In fact, TweetAdder updated its website and the twitter software platform that automatically manages multiple twitter accounts simultaneously. The improvements are phenomenal and the newer version is much more functional. The platform that you use to manage your twitter accounts looks great and it does a great job of organizing your twitter activity. Plus, the new features that come with TweetAdder3 are definitely worth mentioning due to the fact that they make it incredibly easy to get more followers

The New TweetAdder3.0 Features That Are Too Good To Miss Out On

  • You can now view all of your twitter accounts on an overview page that is simple and easy to understand.
  • Advanced analytics tell you how well your performing on twitter - this gives you a clear vision as to what your doing right and how you can improve.
  • Advanced Twitter User Search Capabiliies (even search for local twitter users)
  • Automatically reply to anyone that mentions you on twitter.
  • Works your twitter profile's like a human being.
  • Automatically Posts Your Tweets Naturally
  • Save time on Twitter
  • Find People to Follow Through Geographical Location
  • Search and find users from the keywords being used in their profile or biography.
  • Send re-tweets and re-post tweets of other twitter users naturally with optional keyword support
  • Does not use Twitter API, nor does it ignore the twitter rules and guidelines.
  • Auto Tweets RSS Feeds on multiple different blogs or topics.
  • All Tweets show up as posted "via web" not Twitter API
  • Unique Tweet Generator - Can generate tweets on multiple different topics for multiple accounts- This is a GREAT TIME SAVER because this feature finds awesome content to tweet about based on the keywords or topic that you prefer. Tweet Generator will quickly find relevant information on the topic and tweet it for you Automatically!
  • Also uses a URL shortener that shortens your links automatically.


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      Efza 2 years ago

      I guess finding useful, reliable inrfmoation on the internet isn't hopeless after all.