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How To Make Laptop Battery Last Longer

Updated on November 2, 2015

Laptop batteries are usually made of Lithium-Ion, which tend to lose its capacity to hold power as it gets older. In general, a laptop will lose about ten percent of battery capacity each year. Eventually, all laptop batteries will need to be replaced. When that happens, depends on the circumstances involved.

There are many options someone can explore to make their laptop battery last longer without having to purchase a brand new one or a higher capacity one. Many of these don't have to cost you anything.

  • Configure laptop settings
  • Reduce screen brightness
  • Add more memory
  • Replace processor with a more efficient one
  • Replace hard drive with a flash-based one
  • Remove all unused software and other bloatware
  • Keep your laptop cool


How to configure laptop settings to make it run longer?

By default, most laptops are already configured to conserve power. However, you should still check if those settings are optimal or if they haven't been changed by someone. Consult your manual if you have to.

  • Make sure screen savers are used and laptop goes to sleep when not used
  • Make sure Power Options in Control Panel is set to conserve your battery
  • Depending on your laptop, you may be able to adjust your BIOS and lower the voltage settings for your processor and memory
  • If you cannot access the BIOS, you may want to use software that can adjust these settings for you

How can I make my laptop run longer by reducing brightness?

Laptop screens usually have a back light, which needs more power as brightness is increased. In fact, the laptop display is usually one of the biggest consumers of battery power. Most laptops will therefore reduce brightness as soon as they run on battery power. You can reduce brightness even more to the absolute minimum your eyes are comfortable with. This should make your battery charge last a lot longer.


How can adding memory make my laptop battery last longer?

The Windows operating system uses a swap file on your hard drive whenever it runs out of memory. Most computer hard drives that spin inside, need a lot more power than memory modules that have no moving parts.

Adding more memory results in fewer uses of the swap file on your hard drive, which in turn reduces the amount of power used. A side benefit is that it will also improve computer performance. If you have less than 4 Gigabytes of memory, you should definitely look to add more memory.

You may be able to salvage compatible memory modules from laptops that are no longer used or needed. These could be in good working condition and you could get more memory for free or at a very low price.

How to make my battery last longer by replacing the processor or CPU?

The CPU is the heart of any computer and is responsible for a significant part of total power consumption. Newer processors are usually made more efficiently than previous ones. Replacing the current processor with a more recent one can help reduce power consumption.

If your laptop is several years old, you want to look for a compatible processor that is newer than what you currently have. Similar to memory modules, used processors in working condition can be salvaged from unwanted laptops.


How to make my battery charge last longer by using flash-based storage?

Traditional hard drives rely on internal discs that constantly rotate to store and retrieve data. More modern hard drives use flash memory, which don't have any moving parts and therefore require a lot less electricity to work. The drawback is that they tend to be more expensive than a traditional hard drive of equivalent capacity.

The good news is that prices for these flash-based hard drives have dropped tremendously and the consumer can now purchase one with sufficient capacity for less than the price of a new, brand name laptop battery. In addition, they are much faster than traditional hard drives and you can dramatically improve computer performance.

How to make notebook last longer by uninstalling unused software and other bloatware?

Many applications tend to use up resources ,such as memory, even when they are not being used. This is done for various reasons, including the ability to make the application load faster. Removing applications that aren't needed frees up memory, which can be used to reduce hard drive use and thus save battery power. Decide what software you really need and get rid of applications you don't need or use.


How can I make my battery last longer by keeping my laptop cool?

In general, you want to keep your laptop running as cool as possible because overheating can cause electronics to fail. Laptops usually come with an internal fan that starts spinning as soon as it gets hot. The cooler your laptop is, the less often the fan has to turn on and the more power is saved.

Try to use avoid using your laptop in a hot or humid environment and try to stay in the shades at all times. Your battery and laptop in general will appreciate it and you'll be able to use it longer.


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