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How To Remove A Hard Drive From A Laptop

Updated on February 12, 2012

There are times when you need to remove a hard drive from a laptop from some reasons. It could be because the computer crash, screen broke, whatever the reasons, you want to remove the hard drive. The steps involve are very simple:

  1. Before removing the laptop, back up any data that you want to save. If you are selling the hard drive, be sure to wipe it clean before selling it.

  2. Next touch something metal to remove all static charge from your body. It is important to do this step because any static electricity emitted from your body will fried the hard drive. Try to remove the laptop on a hard surface away from anything furry. That could also generate static electricity.

  3. Turn off the laptop and remove all plugs and battery. Most hard drive is located near the side of the laptop. The screws holding the hard drive in place are at the bottom of the laptop so flip it over.

  4. Remove the screw. The screws that hold the hard drive down usually have a picture of cylinder next to it.

  5. The hard drive should come right out if you push it a little (since it is on the side for most laptop.

If you are planning to install a new hard drive, it is recommended that you look up the laptop online first before attempting this, to make sure it is compatible.


Hard drive is very sensitive. Be sure to store it in a comfortable environment as it is sensitive to the cold and heat. Be sure not to accidentally bump it into anything as you take it out because it is also sensitive to abrupt movement.


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