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How To Make Your iPhone Battery Last

Updated on June 19, 2013

Does Your iPhone Battery Last The Entire Day?

If you are a smart phone owner, chances are that whilst you love it's functionality you are probably wishing that the battery would last a little longer. This is especially true for iPhones and in particular the latest release of iPhone 5's.

Fortunately, there are ways to extend your battery life and make it last longer with a few tweaks. Bear in mind, that some of these tweaks may be contradicting why you bought your smartphone, so pick and choose which tips will work for how you use your phone.

Disable Siri's Raise to Speak

Siri is activated when you raise your phone to your ear. Disable the 'Raise to Speak' function and activate Siri by holding down the Home button. This way you will ensure that Siri is only being activated when you want it to be and you save some more battery power.

Settings > General >Siri > Raise to Speak

Turn Off Data Roaming

Roaming can also cause your iPhone to chew up more battery, not to mention to add roaming charges to your monthly phone bill. Disable it to save battery life.

Settings > General > Cellular > Data Roaming > Off

Disable LTE

Enabling LTE will make your iPhone access data faster but it comes at a cost, you guessed it, it means that your iPhone's battery will drain faster.

Settings > General> Cellular > Enable LTE > Off

Disable Wi-Fi

If your phone does not constantly require Wi-Fi, having it enabled at all times, means that your iPhone is constantly searching for a hotspot. Disabling this feature will conserve your battery power.

Settings > Wi-Fi > Off

Disable Bluetooth

Similar to leaving Wi-Fi constantly enabled, having Bluetooth always enabled means that it is always searching for a connection. Disable it to conserve battery life.

Settings > Bluetooth > Off

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Disable or Fetch Less Frequently

Do you really need to check your email every 15 minutes? If so, your battery is probably draining a lot quicker than it should be. Fetching your email less frequently will save you considerable battery life.

On your iPhone's settings you can choose to have your mail fetched every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly or manually.

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data > Off

Turn on Auto-Brightness

If you have your phone set to auto-brighntess, your phone will be constantly checking the current light setting of your environment and as a result, will be consuming more battery.

Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Auto-Brightness> On

Turn Off Location Services

Having location services enabled can be notorious for consuming battery life. Consider either disabling it completely, or limiting which iPhone apps have access to it.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off

Reduce The iPhone's Brightness

Your iPhone uses more battery power depending on how bright your screen is. Experiment with the settings to find a brightness settings that you are comfortable with and that doesn't hurt your eyes.

Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper > Adjust Slider

Turn off Equalizer

Disabling the EQ will yet again conserve more battery life as your iPhone will essentially be doing less work.

Settings > Music > EQ > Off

Disable Personal Hotpot

Personal Hotpot is great for sharing your iPhone's internet with other devices such as your iPad, however make sure that it is only enabled when you are actually using it.

Settings > Personal Hotspot > Off

Turn on AutoLock

Turning on Auto-Lock is one of the most significant ways to conserve battery power. This means that you can choose to have your phone effectively go into 'sleep mode' after a set amount of time where you phone is idle. The set increments are from 1- 5 minutes.

Your phone can still receive phone calls, text messages and any other notifications that you have enabled, but in this sleep mode you will definitely notice a difference in conserved battery power.

Settings > General > Auto-Lock > Set Desired Time

Turn off Cellular Data

Turning off cellular data when not needed, especially overnight, is especially useful if you have many online push notifications enabled on your phone as you dont really need to be notified whilst you sleep of new email or facebook messages.

You don't need to implement all the above tips to conserve your battery life, what's the point of buying a smart phone if you did that, but even adopting 1 or 2 of those tips can make a difference.


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    • WebsiteConfetti profile image

      Ness 5 years ago from Australia

      Thanks for stopping by CarNoobz. I used to have my phone's brightness set really low, but it ended up being near impossible to see anything in daylight! I have finally found just the right setting to accommodate all environments. Thanks for the comment!

    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 5 years ago from USA

      I use most of these tips for mine, and it helps a lot. My son does too when he borrows it. He usually turns the screen brightness down as far as it goes. One time, I went to go check my phone and thought it was broken, cuz the screen was blank/black. Turns out my son used it and turned the brightness down so low that I couldn't see anything (I was outside in the daylight).