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How To Transfer Pictures From Mobile To Mobile

Updated on February 28, 2013

Transfer Pictures to Friends

Using MMS to Send to Other Mobile Phones
Using MMS to Send to Other Mobile Phones | Source

Sharing Mobile Pictures

There are many different ways to share a pictures, mobile to mobile and depending on the level of sharing involved and the security that each pictures warrants there are different services for getting this done. Pictures are the driving force behind all of the major social networks aside from Twitter, such as Facebook / Instagram and Pinterest and so it is important for every smart phone user to understand how to transfer pictures to other users quickly.

The most popular methods for transferring a picture.

1. MMS - A text message with a digital image attached. Group sharing is allowed as well for most mobile operating systems. Add the picture to the message and write in the caption and add the relevant contacts to receive the image and it can be sent immediately through the phone network to other mobile users.

2. Email - Attaching an image or several images to an email and sending it to the users of your choice.

3. Upload to Social Networks like Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Twitter - While this sharing to more places than just another mobile device, many people choose to share pictures directly with friends through these social networks and they will ultimately be viewed on a friends mobile device

4. Back Up via Dropbox - Utilizing this service, it is possible to share a folder with a friend or family member and upload pictures to that folder and then they will have full access to the pictures that you choose to share to them through this cloud based solution to the problem. Dropbox can be an excellent way of backing up photos as well so that they are not lost if a device is stolen or gets damaged, just re install the service and start downloading the images again to the phone.

5. Personal Transfers via Carrier- When purchasing a new phone it is possible to have the mobile carrier provide a content transfer and port all of the data from your old phone to the new device so that you do not loose pictures.

Share With Other Devices

Transfer Files with Bump

Bump is a mobile application that allows a user to share contacts, photos, apps, music, calendar, and social networks between mobile phones. The application works with both iOS devices and Android. Set up friends and then easily share with devices nearby by simply "bumping" the devices together and the information is quickly transferred mobile to mobile. You can then easily view the picture that has been sent on the other device.

To see the application in action check out the video above and learn about how easy it is to share content with the phones of your friends and family.

The bump app is a free applications and available via the iTunes store - download now

How to Use Snapchat

Temporary Shares with Snapchat

A popular app that is dedicated to sharing mobile pictures with others easily is SnapChat. The cool thing about this app is that it turns sharing pictures between mobile devices a temporary, a user can select how long the other user can view the picture for up to 10 seconds, once that time clock has counted down to zero the picture is deleted forever. This allows for picture messaging that recognizes that many pictures that are being taken on smartphones are really intended for specific audiences and not to be taken off the phone and shared elsewhere. Many photos are only relevant for a short period of time as well and there is no need to clog up the phone's available memory with old pics that no longer matter.

Sharing With Instagram

Share pictures via mobile to everyone with instagram
Share pictures via mobile to everyone with instagram | Source


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