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How can I get more traffic on my website without buying it?

Updated on June 13, 2008

Hubpages - How to Generate Traffic

Hi there! Need more traffic to your Hub? Don't we all. Here is a list of potential traffic sources. This Hub will focus entirely on the use of Hubs and Hubpages

Hubpages: how about generating traffic from within? Why not! Some of your best 'targeted' traffic should come from within. I typically write Hubs on themes. Yes, I do write Hub on various other topics, but I generally stick to one theme. Now on that note - I write various Hubs on a particular theme and I always include KEYWORDS. For example, I have been intereted in working from home in order to supplement my income as a working professional. Like many others, I also dream of financial independence, to I tend to write about "work from home" and "business and ecommerce" themes or topics on "internet marketing". All my top tier keywords all stem from a common theme.

For example, pick a theme like gardening, which is a very broad subject. A good Hubber would start a few general Hubs on the theme of gardening. At the very least, start with two to three hubs covering a broad range of wide encompassing topics on 'gardening'. Now, remember what Hubpages are all about! Hubs! IIn my own terms, Daniel Tetreault, "Hubs" are interconnected persons with connected passions, interests and relatedness who are all related by our inter-dependentness (is that a word? I stole it and adapted it from S. Covey) through a digital platform called HubPages that creates, developes a community based upon content.


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