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How not to be found by Google

Updated on July 25, 2008

you have good reasons to hide from Google

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For readers who are keen not to be found by Google

Jennifer Mint, a free-lance writer, posted an article "How to be found by Google" at on 6 May 2008. It was packed with useful, but usual hints on "Search Engine Optimatizaion" (or SEO, for the geeks). The best written bit, to me, was the title. I am so impressed with it that I have to write another article with all these words in my title, but this time, to talk about the opposite.

Many of us are keen to be found by Google. I am fascinated by the thought that, sooner or later, we may desire the opposite. Google has been growing so fast in front of our eyes over the past few years. It has brought unbelievable speed and convenience and has taken he hard work away from the word "search". If we search our better halves the same way that we search something with Google, I don't think they will be impressed, let alone moved, or charmed. I was a little embarassed to have found on Google some junk articles I wrote decades ago, written just for the purpose of getting my name on some publications. Unfortunately, there is no way that I could un-publish these any more. My best friends, or worst enemies, can get hold of them and mention these during our next heated debate and I will definitely have a hard time avoiding to look foolish. T AdsSpy: 3 sites by this AdSense ID

here was even a photo of myself on Googling images. How it got there beats me. Is there a way we can stay hidden to Google? Here is my penny's worth:

1. Use a byline like Peter Smith or John Brown

The number of pages found will protect you. You can hide in the astronomical number of data found. Of course, if the found item is about something that flatters you, you will stand out and say this particular and unique Peter Smith is beyond any doubt, you.

2. Never pose in any photo-taking by yourself or with fewer than five people in the shot. The more the merrier. The resolution of your face should be low enough to protect you. Besides, the captions seldom specify who is who in the pictures.

3. Avoid committing yourself in your publications

Instead of having 3 percent Adsense key words, make it 90 percent. Use fillers to take up the other 10 percent of your words. Your reader will find it impossible to know exactly where you stand.

As most seasoned writers of on-line articles suggest that we should limit our points to three or less, I would have to stop here.

Please leave me a few comments if you have come up with further ways how not to be found by Google. A special invitation to Jennifer Mint to comment on this article and / or link to this page, and we would both get more traffic.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Anything with this phrase in it will not be found by Google - "Do you use Google to search for companies you already know?" - as of this morning 24/02/11 it has produced NIL results. Not a single return from any web page anywhere in the world! What a surprise! Is Google a bit like what they say about Yellow Pages? - Most people looking in YP are not using it to find businesses they haven't already connected with. Perhaps Google don't want you to know?

    • Benson Yeung profile imageAUTHOR

      Benson Yeung 

      8 years ago from Hong Kong

      hi quicksand,

      thanks for commenting

      good to see you

    • quicksand profile image


      8 years ago

      I have already followed your advise Ben! ... I show only 25% of my face off a picture that was taken six years ago, and I don't use my real name either! :)

    • Benson Yeung profile imageAUTHOR

      Benson Yeung 

      8 years ago from Hong Kong

      Hi Hongliang Zhang,

      thanks for the comments.

    • Hongliang Zhang profile image

      Hongliang Zhang 

      8 years ago from China

      Google's search engine, people can not be finished, polished product. However, if the site does not have fresh things, is not. Have not necessarily been found.

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      again some typos, I think, Mr yeung


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