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How to Change the battery ona Palm TX, T5, E2, Tungsten and Palm One

Updated on February 27, 2011

I have been asked this question enough that I thought it would make a good hub, even though your first response may be...WHAT THE HECK!!!  THAT THING IS 15 YEARS OLD!!  yes, yes it is.  But the Palm series of devices with the integrated batteries are still some of the best out there and there are those that want to hold onto them.  The most common reason for these venerable patriarchs of the smart phone family fail is actually VERY easy to fix!  You see, batteries are not designed to last more than a few years, let along a decade plus! 

So, here is how you fix that issue!  Special caveat, make sure you pick the proper battery for your model as even though the steps are the same, the batteries are not the same across all models.

The steps are pretty basic and I will list them here in case you want them written down.  BUT!!  The you tube videos I am placing below this are VERY helpful and I would recommend that you watch those...I am much more visual.  But here are the steps!.

  1. Get a nice, well lit area (table top) and place the PDA face down on the table.

  2. Take the screwdriver that came with the battery kit and first loosen each screw on the back of the PDA's case. These things are tiny so make sure that you keep track of those little things.

  3. Get a flat tool, flat head screwdriver or a putty knife, and use it to loosen the case halves. Once the case halves have been loosened, separate them and carefully fold the Palm TX open, DON'T YANK as these parts are connected!

  4. On the battery, disconnect the wires running from it to the main board. Loosen the battery from the case and remove. (sometimes you have to battle with the adhesive used to glue the battery in place a bit, so be gentle but firm to get it to release)

  5. Put a bit of glue where the original battery was, and then put the new battery in the TX.  I like rubber cement or even a put of super glue, but don't overdue it. Allow the glue to dry before reassembling the case!!  This is important, I would let it dry a good couple of hours.

  6. Connect the battery back to the main board.

  7. Put the case halves back together and replace the screws.  ALL DONE!!


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