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How to Check Credit and GPRS Balance in Vodafone

Updated on January 13, 2013

This hub is to inform the Vodafone users about how to check credit and GPRS balance from their Phone. The British Multinational Telecom giant Vodafone has a huge number of users, close to 50 million. Vodafone is the 2nd largest telecom company in the world after China Mobile. The company has a direct and indirect presence in many countries all over the world.

In this article you can get information about the prepaid balance checking method for Vodafone India, UK, Ireland, New Zealand. You shall also learn how to check Vodafone India GPRS balance. There are also lists of current Vodafone India 3G and 2G data plans.

Quick Balance Check Info

Select your required country from the list

Vodafone India

Vodafone UK

Vodafone NZ

Vodafone Ireland

Check Balance Vodafone India : Credit, GPRS, SMS

For quick checking of your Vodafone account credit balance type *141#

You can also check your credit balance by dialing *111#. After which, an interactive menu will appear with many options. Press 2 two get your credit balance.

You can call the customer care number 121 or 9732097320 and by selecting options you can hear your current credit balance.

For GPRS Balance check type *111*2*6*2#

To know your last three recharges along with your current balance type *111#

Dial *141*1# for checking SMS balance.

For free SMS checking dial *149#

Balance Check : Vodafone UK

Dial *#1345# to get the balance instantly.

You can also get your prepaid balance via the Vodafone menu from your phone.

Balance Check: Vodafone NZ

How to check your prepaid credit balance in Vodafone New Zealand?

Text BAL to 777 and you shall get your account balance via SMS. You can also call 777 and then select option 1 to check your account balance.

Balance Check: Vodafone Ireland

Text BAL to 50233 for Vodafone Pay As You Go balance checking. You can also dial 1741 to know your account credit balance.

Vodafone India 3G Data Plans 2013

3G penetrations in India is not that great till now. The prices of 3G plans are too high. That is why not a lot of people are willing to use 3G. Here are the 3G data plans of Vodafone India. The lowest 3G data plan is of Rs 49 for 150 MB valid for 7 days. The most expensive 3G data plane by Vodafone is of Rs 1500 for 10GB valid for 60 days.

Rs 49= 150 MB 7days

Rs 102 = 300MB for 30 days

Rs 255 = 1GB for 30 days

Rs 449 = 2GB for 30 days

Rs 498 = 3GB for 60 days

Rs 850 = 3GB validity 60 days

Rs 1250 = 5GB for 60 days

Rs 1500 = 10GB for 60 days

Latest Vodafone India 2G GPRS Plans 2013

Rs 4 = 25MB valid for 1 day

Rs 11= 75 MB validity 3 days

Rs 18= 125 MB validity 5 days

Rs 48= 325 MB for 10 days

Rs 98= 650 MB validity 21 days

Rs 128 = 1GB for 30 days

Rs 149= 1200MB valid for 30 days

Rs 198 = unlimited with 2GB cap for 30 days

Emergency Numbers in Vodafone Egypt

Here are some important emergency numbers which can be used from Vodafone Egypt

112 – Police

123 -- Ambulance

180 – Fire Brigade

Is there any Vodafone presence in USA?

There are no direct Vodafone Telecom services in USA but they are a major shareholder (45%) of the Verizon Wireless.


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    • profile image

      antonvalich 2 years ago

      Hi all! I find more ways:

      - send from your mobile device SMS with text "BAL" to 777 number;

      - call free 0508 888800 to checking account balance;

      - use the "My Vodafone" on official website, where you also see minutes and SMS packages used.

      See here:

    • profile image

      ram 2 years ago

      Pls tell how 2 check internet balance in Vodafone Egypt

    • profile image

      LADDU DAS 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Panakj 4 years ago