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How to Create Shortcut in Mozilla Firefox

Updated on August 1, 2011

Creating a shortcut using Mozilla Firefox Browser

I wrote an article on how to create a shortcut using Internet Explorer. This article is to help you learn how to create a shortcut using Mozilla FireFox. Creating a shortcut will allow you to access your favorite websites by clicking on the desktop icon(s).

First step to take is to go to the website that you want to create the shortcut for.

Click on the website "favicon" or icon that is located next to the website address in the top browser.

Hold and drag the icon to your desktop. You may need to minimize the website that you are creating the shortcut for. You should now be able to close the website and see a shortcut on your screen. Repeat the steps for each website you want a shortcut for.

For those of you who are still confused, I will explain what a shortcut is and you can then see if you want to create any shortcuts for your computer's desktop. First of all, what is a desktop? Your desktop is the main screen that appears after starting your computer. A shortcut is the little icons that you see on your desktop. Such as the Internet Explorer icon that some of you may double click on to get to the Internet. Another icon may be the Mozilla FireFox icon that also gets you to the Internet.

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are called browsers and there are many more browsers you may use to access the Internet. Each browser has different ways to function. There are different methods of creating shortcuts when using different browsers. You can make a shortcut to any website that you like or use frequently. Creating shortcuts will save you time and is convenient. A fast way to get to your favorite websites is by creating shortcuts on your desktop.


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    • anusha15 profile image

      Anusha Jain 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      Little tips like this are quite handy and very helpful specially for novices. Precise and to the point hub :)