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How to Deal With An Email Hack and Spam Sent

Updated on May 28, 2013

Introduction to Hacking

I first suggest checking out my prior articles below. You will likely find the information you are looking for, but before reading the article, BOOKMARK this page then after reading the article you need come back to it and follow my advice.


What Emai lProvider Do You Use?

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As I mentioned before, you're probably confused, maybe even embarrassed... especially if your hacker sent emails like this:

My email Hack
My email Hack

to your good friends, business associates or family. The business associates is probably the WORST - as if I want the head district JUDGE to get "spammed" by.... me. UGH.

Thankfully, if you read my other article about Yahoo or Gmail hacking, you'll be able to get to to the root of the problem ASAP. Your hacking issue could be related to cyber stalking or simply someone accessing your account by breaking into it.

Do You Have an "Address Book"?

The very first question is, "Do you have an Address Book" where you keep track of all your "contacts"? If so, then you should IMMEDIATELY send them all an email telling them NOT to "open" or click on links from the email sent on (suspected date). Inform them that you have been "hacked" and that you apologize for this "spam".

What an Address Book Looks Like:

Photo from
Photo from

After Sending an Email to Contacts

Depending on your "social status"; you may want to consider the following:

1. A Facebook Post / Tweet / LinkedIn, Google+ or whatever site you use update to notify people who may have gotten emails from you. Keep it short and simple "I am very sorry; my email account was hacked last night and thousands of my contacts were sent SPAM. I apologize for this; if you received an email from my account last night, please do not open it nor click the links"

- people will be much more understanding with honesty.

2. Change your password and create backup measures as I wrote about in my Yahoo Email Hack article. Even if you use a different email provider, all of the information is similar.

3. IF you know who "hacked your account" via proof of login, you will want to review my articles about Cyber Stalking and contacting Police. It is NOT legal for someone to enter your email without your permission, let alone send out messages.



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Before you go to police or begin "firing back", please take the time to read all of my other articles that are related to your situation. I have spent a great worth of time on trying to assist others with Cyber Crime Relates issues:

The Beginning of Cyber Stalking / Hacking

Unfortunately, if you are "the public eye" like I am, you attract "stalkers", "cyber stalkers" and other weirdos on a regular basis, even if the actions you take are nothing more than keeping your "fan base" up-to-date with your daily "goings-on". I have come to realize that even the smallest things like revelaing my party dress can quickly turn into obsession, although I meant nothing other than to show off how awesome it is (see video below) -

How Cyber Stalking Can Begin - YouTube Videos


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    • profile image

      tatyanna_mcdonald 2 years ago

      need help to stop hackers from messing with my account as soon as i open a new one they change my passwords please help so frustrating losing access and patience is there no office i can go to for help