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How to Edit Picture without Photoshop

Updated on January 13, 2016

Photo editing online like photoshop online

If you can’t afford– Photoshop & if you don’t know how to edit picture without Photoshop, and find other applications cumbersome, here are some alternatives. We got so many other applications in the market that are free and easy to use.

Moreover, you can manipulate picture of any type. Most of the people can’t afford expensive editing software. So I am going to describe few editing software in the following which allow us edit pictures without spending a dollar.


GIMP, Free Desktop-Based Image Editor

If you talk about for an image editor that installs on your computer instead of using any browser, you may consider GIMP. GIMP includes sophistication, advanced cloning, Color correction, paths and layered compositions. This free software lets you to do most of the Photoshop tasks. GIMP is one of the open-source competitors to Adobe Photoshop without driven commercially. If you don’t have money, GIMP will work mighty fine.


Pixlr, Free Web-Based Image Editor

Pixlr lets you to resize images, crop a photograph, create basic graphics such as play buttons, Symbols, etc. There are two versions of Pixlr. Pixlr Express is less complex and allows you to do basic image editing. Use Pixlr Editor to access the more advanced editing features or create your own graphic file.

Source ( Windows ) was originally the senior project of some computer science students at Washington State University, taken on under the mentorship of Microsoft. The project exceeded expectations and has been in development now for 6 years. Over the years it has grown to include layer-based composition, blending, and support for plugins—the majority of which are designed by an active support community. The interface of is easy to pick up, and an unlimited undo function makes correcting your learning-curve mishaps a snap—making a favorite among Windows users looking for a no-nonsense (yet powerful) image editor.

SnagIt’s Simple Editor

Snagit is a basic image editor and it will do your task quickly. You can do frame or shadow related job for an image using this application. You can then save it and publish it on your website.


Picasa (All Operating Systems, Free)

Picasa is a platform independent application that is so much popular for its simplicity. Even non-geeks love this application because they can easily edit their images without having technical knowledge.
If non technical persons like your parents ask for a easy to use photo editing software, you can refer them Picasa. It is very useful and includes sophistication, advanced cloning, Color correction, paths and layered compositions. It’s extremely easy for doing quick tasks like cropping and correcting digital images.

You may also try other applications like PEdit, Irfan View, Stoik Imagic,

Digikam, VisualBox, My Paint, Paint Star, Image Editing Tool, 5Dfly, Acorn,

Seashore, Pinta,
Kolourpaint, Krita, Pixen, Photoscape.

I wish everybody from novice to expert will be benefited from these software collections.


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    • smga22 profile image

      smga22 5 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Thank you JaneA. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    • JaneA profile image

      JaneA 5 years ago from California

      Good hub. You could also look at "pixlr-o-matic" which allows you to achieve Instagram like effects without the complications of Instagram.